Sound Suite Lets You Market to Callers While on Hold

    Usefulness Functionality Price Summary Sound Suite is a system designed to manage the content that callers hear while on hold. It gives businesses the ability to select music playlists and promotional messages directly from the admin interface. Sound Suite, a product from Tie National, a technology solutions provider for multi-location businesses, is a system designed […]

    5 Reasons for Businesses to Go Mobile

    Step onto any subway car, go into any café and walk down any street. One thing you are sure to see is a smartphone being used. Twenty years ago, we simply used phones for making calls or sending text messages. Now, we carry our whole world around in them. From bank details to social media […]

    Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

    Thanks to today’s technology, the entire world is easily accessible. Not just that — it’s right at our fingertips. It empowers us, it unites us, and it informs us. It’s why so many businesses work tirelessly to establish an online presence through the use of digital marketing (often with the standard websites, blogs, and social […]

    The Exciting Field of EduTech: Rife With Innovation

    For years, I have patiently waited for innovation in educational technologies, otherwise known as edu tech. For a variety of reasons, the field simply didn’t take off in the last two decades. But this decade, I think, it is showing signs of a real, exciting, renaissance. Whether it is in the massively open online courses […]

    Top Franchise Trends for 2013

    2013 could turn out to be a terrific year to enter the world of franchise business ownership.  If you’re thinking about exploring the idea of being your own boss, three things are in your favor if you decide to move forward. 1: Commercial Space Availability A lot of businesses have had to close their doors […]

    Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case Adds Hardware to Your Mobile

    0 The idea of a modular smartphone with interchangeable components is nothing new. The concept’s been floating around for awhile with projects such as Google’s Ara. But one company is attempting to bring modular to your hands in the form of a case rather than a phone. The Nexpaq modular smartphone case boasts being able to customize, […]

    19 Mobile Apps to Put You in Front of More Customers

    here is always some buzz in the business world about the latest and greatest application. The “thing” that is going to change the world, or at least change the time that the sun rises. Mobile marketing has been gaining momentum for a long time and the iPhone introduction has certainly captured the hearts and minds […]