The Artist Who Creates Portraits With a Clothing Iron

    IRONING HAS NEVER BEEN SO cool. Benjamin Shine, an artist who splits his time between London and Sydney, has become a pioneer in what he calls “painting fabric”—using irons to create portraits in cloth. As a member of a family of garment manufacturers and a one-time employee of a fashion company, Shine has long seen the […]

  • The Paper Coupon Makes a Comeback

    “Paper coupons are cool again,” reports Marketplace, and being from the printing industry, we won’t complain. We’ve written about the rapidly growing direct mail industry and the benefits of developing print and digital communications that work together harmoniously. Now, in an article from Marketplace, which highlights the benefits that marketers are seeing from printed coupons, it’s evident that other industries […]

    KFC has launched a clothing line…and it looks clucking brilliant

    KFC has launched a fashion line, so dedicated fans of the fast food chain can show their devotion by wearing items in tribute to finger lickin’ chicken. This week, KFC revealed an online shop so fans can buy everything from drumstrick-printed socks to a pillow with Colonel Sanders’ face on it. COVER IMAGES KFC enthusiasts […]

    Student who spends £800 on a T-shirt insures his clothes for £40,000

    Eric Whiteback, 21 from Pennsylvania, USA has insured his wardrobe for £40,000 (Image: Caters News Agency) A student who needs a storage container to house his colossal clothing collection has just insured it for £40,000. Streetwear nut Eric Whiteback thinks nothing of dropping £800 on a t-shirt – despite admitting he only wears 10%-15% of his clothes. Eric […]

    Garden in a bottle

    Anjana Nair is designing terrariums for your homes So you have no space for a garden. Yet your green fingers are itching to nurture a garden or you could be yearning for a patch of green on your table, bookshelf…. Then your solution is a terrarium, a garden in a container, the perfect match for […]

    Why Most Battery Life Tests Are a Useless Indicator of Real World Usage

    HIGHLIGHTS Recently, Consumer Reports’ MacBook Pro tests were in the news Lab tests almost never can be correlated to real world usage Standardised tests are only useful for rough comparisons Apple’s new MacBook Pros received a fair amount of criticism for making life difficult for professionals by removing useful features like an SD card slot or prioritising thinness over […]

    Consumer electronics co Jawbone’s demise a case of ‘death by overfunding’ in Silicon Valley

    Consumer electronics company Jawbone had more than enough money to take on Fitbit and other health-tracking devices in the “wearables” market. (File Photo) Consumer electronics company Jawbone had more than enough money to take on Fitbit and other health-tracking devices in the “wearables” market. That may have ended up being its biggest problem. Top-tier venture […]

    Computers Are on the Verge of a Quantum Leap

    Conceptual artwork representing how data may be controlled and stored in a quantum computer. ALFRED PASIEKA/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Moore’s Law is a computing term coined by co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore, who predicted the pace of the modern digital world would exponentially increase biannually. This predicted rapid growth of computers has remained constant over the past several decades, but […]

    Are your electronics creating a Vastu dosh?

    Do you know, keeping broken electronics and non‐functional chargers of your house affects your financial condition and takes away peace of mind? Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that positive surroundings and good vibes do maximum contribution to the success of individuals. 2/6Are your electronics creating a Vastu dosh? 0 According to Mahha […]

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    A Computer Designed Stanley Black & Decker’s New Tool

    Stanley Black & Decker has enlisted an algorithm’s help to redesign a tool for electricians, marking a big shift from relying on humans to do the job. For the past several months, the industrial and household tool giant has been experimenting with cutting-edge technologies to produce the tool, which is used to fix hanging electrical […]

    A guide for buying one of Microsoft’s excellent Surface computers

    Microsoft’s Surface laptopsPhoto by Tom Warren / The Verge Microsoft now has a variety of Surface devices that are designed to replace your laptop. There’s the Surface Book with a removable display, the Surface Pro with a kickstand, and now the new Surface Laptop that is the most traditional laptop Microsoft has ever made. I’ve […]

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    ‘They’ve built a garden in the middle of a cyclone’: House Rules couples marvel at their renovated yards after devastating Queensland storms halted production

    The devastation caused by Queensland’s Cyclone Debbie forced House Rules to halt production last episode. But with everything back on schedule on Sunday, the contestants were able to continue with their next challenge- executing two stunning garden makeovers. In a sneak peak released this Friday, the couples were overjoyed to witness their brand new yards […]