Wearable cloud could be less expensive more powerful form of mobile computing

    Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham are exploring the concept of a wearable personal cloud — a fully functioning, yet compact and lightweight cloud computing system embedded into clothing. Ragib Hasan, Ph.D., assistant professor of computer and information sciences in the UAB College of Arts and Sciences, and Rasib Khan, Ph.D., a recent […]

    Google Training Ad Placement Computers to Be Offended

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Over the years, Google trained computer systems to keep copyrighted content and pornography off its YouTube service. But after seeing ads from Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart appear next to racist, anti-Semitic or terrorist videos, its engineers realized their computer models had a blind spot: They did not understand context. […]


    People have often gone for various surgeries and steroids used to get their desired look. Having a tall and lean figure is something which is desired by all common people. But not everyone is blessed with a tall stature. So, they go for the synthetic steroid that promises growth and build muscles. Use of synthetic […]

    Uh Oh, Apple iOS 9 May Be a Mobile Ad Killer

    At its early-June Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed, among other things, that the newest version of its iOS 9 operating systems will roll out this fall, free of charge. What Apple didn’t discuss, however, is the fact that its new iOS 9 mobile operating system, used in the company’s popular iPhone, may ultimately prove to […]

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    Taiwan market: Apple Pay mobile payment service to be available soon

    Apple Pay, a mobile payment service offered by Apple, will soon be available in the Taiwan market, Apple has announced on its website in Taiwan. Consumers will be able to use a number of mobile devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and MacBook, equipped with Touch ID sensors to make payments. A total of seven […]

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    This Lockitron Deadbolt can be Opened with Your Phone

    The time may be coming when losing a set of keys will be considered old-fashioned. Losing a smartphone, on the other hand? That’s another concern altogether. Assuming you can hang on to your phones better than your keys, however, products like a new one from Lockitron will be welcomed with open arms. Lockitron Bolt is […]

    Nexus 9 Could Be an Android Rival for iPad

    Google and HTC are challenging Apple’s iconic iPad with a new Android tablet of their own. The 8.9-inch Nexus 9 will be available starting on Nov. 3. The display size makes the new device just slightly larger than the comparable iPad Air 2 and its predecessor the iPad. The new device is the latest in […]

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    Want a Touchscreen on Your MacBook? AirBar Might Be the Answer

    HIGHLIGHTS AirBar can be attached to your MacBook Air It connects via the USB port Support for other MacBooks is coming soon A touchscreen on a MacBook may not be coming anytime soon but if you really wish for it, then there is an alternative for you. AirBar is a $99 (roughly Rs. 6,700) accessory […]