McDonald’s Wrappers Were Used in Every Item of Clothing at This Fashion Show

    As per now-annual tradition, fashion design students in Miami put on a show featuring garments made completely of McDonald’s wrappers and accoutrements. Some of the outfits are wackier than others. While in Florida, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay cooked up a Burmese python — yes, the giant snake — for an upcoming segment of his Fox variety show/competition, The F Word. Twitter […]

  • Online fashion retailer Myntra acquires rival Jabong from Global Fashion Group

    New Delhi: Flipkart-owned Myntra on Tuesday said it has acquired Jabong from Global Fashion Group for an undisclosed amount, a move that will mark further consolidation in India’s booming e-commerce industry. Myntra, which itself was acquired by Flipkart in 2014 in an estimated Rs. 2,000 crore deal, will have access to a combined base of […]

    Womyn’s Coalition fights fast fashion by trading clothes

    Photo by Marcella Baietto | The State PressStudent looking through donated clothing at the Earth Day Clothing Exchange at the terrace of Engrained in the MU on ASU’s Tempe campus on April 18, 2017. By Karisma Sandoval | 16 minutes ago In an effort to promote sustainable fashion, the Womyn’s Coalition hosted a recycled clothing event on […]

    Amazon ‘ready to shake up UK clothing market’ with its own fashion label to take on M&S, Next and Boohoo

    Amazon could launch its own UK fashion label, according to industry reports The rumours are fuelled by Amazon’s recruitment of former Marks & Spencer big-hitters Frances Russell (ex-head of womenswear) and Karen Peacock (previously the high street chain’s head of design), as well as Primark’s menswear buying director, Glen George – who also once worked […]

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    10 Online Fashion Startups To Watch

    Fashion is a huge industry and it’s growing every day. The global women’s clothing industry, just a piece of it, is expected to exceed $621 billion in 2014. And how many industries do you know of on that scale? Below are some online fashion startups to watch.  Those that are experimenting with interesting ideas, and gradually bringing […]

    Wearable devices need to balance fashion and function

    Gadget lovers are slipping on fitness bands that track movement and buckling on smartwatches that let them check phone messages.Some brave souls are even donning Google’s geeky-looking Glass eyewear. For the technology industry, this is exciting time, but also a risky one. No one really knows whether the average consumer can be enticed to make […]

    Fashion Designers Spruce Up Boring Smartwatches

    Fashion Designers Spruce Up Boring Smartwatches Smartwatches don’t have to look ugly to be functional. Clothing and accessories designers are collaborating with engineers to produce computerized wristwatches that people will want to wear all day and night. With Apple Inc. preparing to release a watch line that includes an 18-karat gold edition, rivals know they […]

    Can Fashion and Technology Coexist Without Any Stunts?

    Can Fashion and Technology Coexist Without Any Stunts? The worlds of fashion and technology are coming closer and closer together. While technology companies have paid a lot of attention to industrial design in recent times, the use of technology in fashion, and fashion in technology, is still developing. Apple tied up with Hermes, a French […]

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    Can Fashion and Era Coexist Without any Stunts?

    The worlds of style and Generation are coming closer and nearer collectively. Whilst Technologyagencies have paid loads of interest to industrial design nowadays, using Technology in Fashion, andStyle in Era, remains growing. Apple tied up with Hermes, a French luxurious residence for its ultra-modern Apple Watch and Frenchluxurious items maker Dior become taking its admirers […]