• How fashion is courting the Muslim pound

    Muslim shoppers on Carnaby street in London Photograph: Alamy With Ramadan set to start next week, it’s not uncommon for supermarket chains to lay out special spreads in the lead-up to the holy month of fasting, briefly converting what was once the “world foods” aisle into a haven of two-for-one bottles of Rubicon and half-price […]

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    How CarDekho is planning to redefine car ownership business

    Anurag Jain, chief operating officer of CarDekho, says he expects the automobile portal to become a unicorn by 2017. New Delhi: Brothers Amit and Anurag Jain, founders of the automobile portal CarDekho.com, went from stall to stall at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2008, patiently collecting all the brochures they could lay their hands on. […]

    How to Experience Virtual Reality Without an Expensive Headset

    Hollywood studios, news outlets and consumer brands are all dabbling with virtual reality. Many everyday folks will soon join them using 360-degree cameras coming soon from Samsung and LG. But headsets to view VR video can cost more than $1,000 once you include a high-end personal computer with fast-enough graphics. And while smartphone makers are […]

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    Project Loon: How Google plans to use balloons to connect India

    obal search giant Google’s Project Loon to provideinternet across geographies comes across as an intriguing idea, especially as it is to be done using floating balloons. The idea caused more curiosity in India when GoogleChief Executive Sundar Pichai said in a press meet on Wednesday that his company was bringing balloon-powered internet to India.   […]

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    Apple vs the FBI: How the Case Could Play Out

    Apple is getting ready for a busy week. On Monday, the company is holding an event at its Silicon Valley headquarters to unveil smaller versions of its iPhone and iPad Pro. Then on Tuesday, Apple will face off against the US government at a hearing in federal court in Riverside, California, over whether it must […]

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    How to Improve Inventory Tracking: 5 Solutions for Small Businesses

    Being mobile is an absolute essential for small business entrepreneurs who need the flexibility to run their businesses from just about anywhere. This flexibility can come easily if your business deals with virtual services, like consulting. But if your company provides a physical sales product, you can’t escape the need to track inventory. Enterprise-level inventory tracking […]

    How Yoga Can Keep You From Joint Pain

    Do your knee joint or wrists or shoulders ache when doing trivial things? Is the pain in your joints limiting you from enjoying life the way you wish to? Are you tired of popping painkillers multiple times a day? If you said yes for either of these questions, you’ve obviously have had enough and are […]

    How will you fund your business?

    Early stage funding (seed funding) gives a business the initial boost it needs to develop a product, test an idea, hire a team and run basic marketing activities. Photo: Priyanka Parashar Your business idea needs vital resources to grow that help it become a viable and investable business. One such resource is funding. For an […]

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    Google Announces Android Beta Program, Here’s How to Opt In

    Google took everyone by surprise on Wednesday when it announced the early release of Android Npreview for developers (and enthusiasts). Along with that, the Mountain View-based company also announced Android Beta Program, which aims to help users test the latest version of its mobile operating system, and receive new builds as an over-the-air update. The […]

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    Customer support in the time of instant outrage: How start-ups do it

    At e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal (run by Jasper Infotech Pvt. Ltd), social media is handled with a set of processes and a large team of 16 constantly monitoring the social chatter. Photo: Bloomberg Bengaluru: No online retailer escaped the backlash sparked by a recent clutch of instances in which customers ordered mobile phones online and were […]