The 18 Weirdest Product Ideas Today

wifi kettle

Think your product idea is weird? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Who can forget Google Glass and the giant Hampster Wheel Desk?

Those are nothing compared to some of the weirdest product ideas around today. Check out some of the weirdest product ideas that entrepreneurs have developed recently.

WiFi Tea Kettle

Who has the time to manually heat water for tea and coffee anymore? If you prefer a more high-tech experience, you’re in luck. The iKettle connects to your WiFi so that you can start and change settings from your smartphone.

Clip-On Man Bun

weirdest product ideas

Want a man bun but don’t have the patience to grow your hair out? Groupon has you covered with this clip-on man bun that looks like the real thing.

Mind-Controlled Car

Soon, you may no longer have to put any physical effort into driving a car. Researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin, China have been developing technology to create a car that essentially works via mind control. Currently, they’ve developed a car that can drive in a straight line using the technology. But who knows how far it can be taken.


Pretty much anyone who’s seen a futuristic movie has dreamed about the day when they could own a hoverboard. And while the hoverboards that have become popular of late may not look exactly how you pictured, they’re still one of the more way products to hit the mainstream.

Latte Art Maker

weirdest product ideas

Latte art has been the subject of many an Instagram photo. But you don’t even have to learn to make your own anymore. There’s a machine that can use your photos or digital files to make really advanced latte art on all of your coffee beverages.

Selfie Toaster

Why eat plain old toast when you could make toast with a picture of your face (or someone else’s face) on it? This selfie toaster lets you do just that.

Inhalable Chocolate

As consumers become more calorie conscious, companies have tried to come up with ways to curb people’s cravings without overloading them with calories. One of the more interesting innovations is Le Whif, a French product that lets you basically inhale flavors like chocolate, so that you can taste it without actually intaking any calories.

Potato Greeting Cards

weirdest product ideas

Want to send a greeting to a friend but don’t want to send a plain old card? There are actually several different services out there that allow you to add messages (anonymous or not) to potatoes that will be mailed to people on your behalf.

Eye Massager

You can buy massage chairs, foot massagers, and even full-body massages. But now you can also buy a wearable device that provides a massage specifically for your eyeballs.

Musical Hoodie

weirdest product ideas2

You’ve heard of hoodies, and you’ve heard of musical instruments. But now you can get both in one product. This wearable musical instrument has panels that you can use to create different sounds while also wearing your hoodie throughout the day.

Air Umbrella

Though not available just yet, the air umbrella is just what it sounds like — an umbrella made of air. It reportedly works by pushing high bursts of air above you so that water droplets can’t get through, meaning you may no longer have to deal with metal rods and a soaking umbrella when you get inside.

Bugs That Teach Coding

weirdest product ideas2

Learning how to code can be a difficult undertaking. But there’s now an unconventional option for teaching kids how to code — and it comes in the form of these little robot bugs.

Stache Shield

Sick of getting food and other messes all over your mustache? The Stache Shield, funded late last year on Kickstarter, is a product designed to keep those messes off your facial hair. It is currently available for pre-order.

Leather Made From Old Fruit

weirdest product ideas2

For those who don’t want to buy leather products made from animals, there may soon be a more animal and earth friendly option. Researchers in the Netherlands have come up with a process for making a leather type material out of old fruit.

Altwork Station

weirdest product ideas2

Don’t lie down on the job, unless you’re the owner of this new take on the traditional work station. The Altwork Station is an adjustable work station that allows you to change positions throughout the day, and even to basically lay down with your computer screen overhead.

Electronic Under Shoes

These “under shoes” look sort of like roller skates, but they’re not for skating. They’re electric transportation devices to help you walk faster.

Cricket Protein Bars

Anyone looking for a quick protein boost while on the go has probably tried different types of protein bars. But now you can actually get protein bars made with cricket flour. Yes, crickets.

3D Printed Pancake Maker

weirdest product ideas2

No longer do you need to settle for plain old round pancakes. This pancake maker that was funded via Kickstarter early in 2015 uses 3D printing technology to turn your pancakes into 3D works of art.

***So don’t worry if your product ideas are a little crazy. Once you’ve looked over this list of weirdest product ideas, you’ll realize any product can be a hit — with the right customers.Image: iKettle via Smarter/Facebook, Manbun.com, Ripple Maker, Parcel Potato/Instagram, Showpiece/video still, Dash Robotics, Fruitleather Rotterdam, Altwork, PancakeBot


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