5 Top Jobs For Stay-at-Home Moms

5 Top Jobs For Stay-at-Home MomsThere’s no getting around the fact that most stay-at-home moms are constantly pulled between the urge to get back to work and excel, and taking good care of the child and home. Thankfully, times have changed, and women can have their cake and eat it, too.

There are innumerable work-from-home opportunities for women to choose from as they chase the utopian domestic goddess tag – or just try to keep it together until the kid/s are in school, when they can get back to work full-time. Until then, here are our top-five picks:

Software development:

Women in technology have broken the glass ceiling and the pay gap has been balanced, too. If you were in the field of software development, you can code from home, when you find the time, and you don’t need to invest too heavily in the infrastructure either – a computer, a database server, and licensed software, for starters. You can develop software and work in the areas of application development and system development. AMCs (annual maintenance contracts) work well, too.

Tuition, both online and offline:
If teaching’s your forte, join the really large club of SAHMs who give tutorials to children and young adults in a number of subjects. If you have the infrastructure, you can have students come home – for a couple of hours, for starters – for lessons. But also don’t miss out on the opportunity of taking online classes. You can work on recorded audio and video lessons, take real-time classes, or join the platform as one who answers queries.

Be creative:

You are in a good place if what others struggle with comes naturally to you – being a wordsmith is a great opportunity for SAHMs. You can develop any kind of content for clients – write for magazines, newspapers, ghost-write, write grant papers, write and edit research papers, and so on. If design is your forte, you can help with everything from print media, brochures, newsletters, to powerpoint presentations for top management and logo designs for events, clubs, and companies.

Become a consultant:

Utilize your knowledge of your favorite subject by becoming a consultant. If it is finance that rules your world, network well and consult from home, attend seminars once in a while, or help companies with their books during audits. You can even become a consulting stylist if people love your sense of dressing. Know exactly how many career options there are for a science graduate? Take to career counseling.

Cooking it right:

There are never enough cooks who can wow you with their culinary skills. Thanks to our busy lives and people not having enough time to prepare food themselves, they pick the next-best option – home delivery. Develop an app, advertise through fliers in your neighborhood, design exciting menus and you will be noticed. The fact that the food business has good margins only sweetens the deal.


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