The Age of Quantum Computers is upon us!

The first electronic computer that was ever invented was the Turing Machine developed in 1936 which was a bulky device that had a size of a room and had very limited operations. By 1977 full-scale computers capable of complex computation and data processing started shipping in from companies including Apple and Commodore. In 1984 Mac came up with unrivaled GUI in color display. In 1989 first hand held computer from Atari surface. IBM was first among its competitors to come up with a touchscreen device back in 1992. The first iPhone came to life in the year 2000. We are currently in 2017 and we now have thousands of devices around us that are constantly functioning to make our lives better and comfortable.

The Age of Quantum Computers is upon us!

No, I am not giving you a flashback of the computer innovation through years. I would rather suggest you give attention to the dates of the aforementioned line of events. It is surprising how far we have come and in less than 100 years.

Technology is like a set of endless dominoes toppling one after the other. So if you think we are too far ahead and there is nothing more that the world of computers can offer us, let me tell you something about the Quantum Computers.

Quantum Computers make direct use of quantum-mechanical phenomena to perform operations on data. They are different from binary digital electronic computers that use transistors. Conventional computing uses binary algorithm whereas quantum computation uses quantum bits.

The development of quantum computers is still in the process although theoretical and practical research is being carried out make the technology more and more useable. Several national governments and military agencies are already funding quantum computing research to develop quantum computers.

To give you a better perspective of what a Quantum Computer actually is, consider this fact, Once Quantum Computers are developed to their full-scale efficiency you will have laptops that perform as fast as today’s super computers.

Full-scale quantum computing is yet a simulation or rather an imagination. Commercialization of Quantum Computers is a dream far ahead of us and to be honest, a normal consumer has practically no use of such fast computing.

Super computers have been developed to study and create complex and gigantic models such as running the simulation of the World’s weather, molecular dynamics or simulating cosmic events. Such models use complicated equations and hence the super computers. Imagine all that power in your PC and you have nothing more to do with it than run Crysis or Modern Battlefield on it.

Quantum computers will take away the bulky size of super computers but what purpose will they serve for a normal consumer is an unexplored territory.

You will have to wait until 2050 to actually get your hands on quantum computing. Experts believe that by 2020 Quantum Computers will find a physical shape to exist in. The 2030s and 2040 will give them a use in a feasible form factor at research centers that currently use super computers.

2050 will mark their rise and by that time who knows even kids might find molecular dynamics an interesting topic to give time to.


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