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How many of you got paid this week? Some of you get paid once a week, bi-weekly or even once a month. Stretching a buck for longer than a week can be hard, but for the bi-weekly and monthly income people out there, they must know how to budget and save.

Using coupons and coupon codes is a great way to put some of that money back into your pocket. Every time you go to the store, you have the power to buy items at an even bigger discount when you use a coupon. If you practice this saving technique enough, you will teach yourself not to buy anything unless it is on sale or you have a coupon or code to use.

There are numerous ways to get your hands on coupons and codes. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t have to buy anything to receive a coupon, or pay for any type of coupon. If you do so, this falls under the regulations of fraudulent coupon rules. These are some of my favorite ways, and places to find them! And, these ideas are safe and reliable.

The Post Star: Getting your newspaper delivered every Sunday is the best way to ensure you will get all of the coupons in one place. It is reasonably priced and delivered right to your front door once a week. This is a great source of discounts, coupon codes and savings. This website has trending deals and coupons for thousands of stores and companies. Check them here and there for updated changes in what they have to offer. One of my favorite websites! Groupon is a deal of the day recommendation service for consumers. Every day, Groupon shares an electronic coupon for a restaurant or store in your city, recommending that local service while also offering you a 40 percent to 60 percent discount if you purchase that service. This changes every 24 hours, so check often to see what amazing deals you can get your hands on. You can also search other ares by using a different zip code. This comes in handy when you are on vacation or planning on going somewhere else.

In my monthly class at The Post-Star, I go into detail about using coupons, saving money, finding monthly deals and how they will benefit your family and your pocketbook. There are free giveaways during the class as well. Please join me for my next class at 6 p.m. Wednesday. Feel free to call 518-742-3309 or go

Head over to my blog at Making Cent$ About Extreme Couponing to find some great deals around the region this week. Post your questions, comments and deals in the comments section.


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