New Delhi: E-commerce portal Myntra landed in a massive controversy after a picture of Draupadi (one of the most important female characters in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata) was allegedly used in an advertisement; which later went viral on social media.   

The advertisement, which Myntra was accused of publishing, is for endorsing sarees. In the ad, a man can be seeing pulling Draupadi’s saree, while the other searches for ‘extra long’ sarees on Myntra’s mobile app.

The E-portal had to face a lot of criticism and public anger after the picture made ripples on the social media, especially Twitter, as it hurts various religious sentiments and shows disrespect of women.

Myntra on the other has refuted the charges of publishing such the advertisement saying, “We did not create this artwork nor do we endorse this”.
Later @ScrollDroll came forward and took the responsibility of the post, saying that it was their ad and not Myntra’s. Later @ScrollDroll got heavily slammed on the social media.


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