Google Rolls Out New, Detailed Weather Cards for Android
Google Rolls Out New, Detailed Weather Cards for Android

Earlier this month Google, was spotted testing its revamped weather card in Google Now with limited Android users. The search giant has finally made the feature official with an announcement in a blog post on Thursday.

“An unexpected snow or rainstorm can put a bit of a damper on your day, so to help keep you dry and ready to take on any weather, we’re introducing an upgraded weather experience on Android phones,”said Lea Stolowicz, Product Manager on the company’s Inside Search blog post.

The reworked weather card includes new features along with major changes in design and looks. The card in Google Now maximises, appearing like a full-fledged app. You can swipe to switch between Today, Tomorrow, and the next 10 Days. The new weather card is also colour-coded on the time of day, unlike the previous one, which mostly includes white background with minimal text in black and grey.

In the Today section, Google has brought some graphics based on current weather. The full-screen card is seen with a frog-like character seen doing different test depending on the weather such as beaches and hiking trips. In terms of features, the new Google Now weather card in addition to high/low temperature for different days, also shows more information including air quality, sunrise and sunset times, and related health messages.

On tapping on the weather results, users can also save their favorite locations by searching for a new location and selecting “Add.” The location will then start appearing in the drop-down in search. Users can also give “Ok Google” voice command and ask “will it rain today?” or “what’s the weather like” to view the new weather card.


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