TAKE stock of the garden for its shade, entertaining ability, seating, nooks and crannies and wind shelter from a few different directions.

It’s at this time of year, when we have a few days break for the festive season and New Year celebrations, that we can get outside and enjoy the garden and pleasant weather.

This is when we look for shady areas in the garden to sit and entertain company or read a book and have a cuppa.

A private nook where you can get the early morning sun out of the breeze and just sit and read is a great escape and a delightful way to start the day.

Spend a warmish afternoon dozing in a hammock under the shade of a large tree that protects you from the sun’s rays.

A bench seat or day lounge in a shady location is equally as appealing for an afternoon nap.

This time of year is when outdoor furniture is featuring in shops, so look for a table setting or seating that suits you and your recreational needs in the garden. P

lanning for future shade is also something to do at this time of year.

If you lack shade or privacy, have a look at where the sun’s shadow falls and plan to plant some shade trees or shrubs in autumn.

Keep feeding vegies with a soluble fertiliser every couple of weeks as the warm weather stimulates growth and fruit production.

Add more mulch and wetting agent if you need to.

The next couple of months are critical times for watering so do everything you can to make watering easier.

Look at adding tap timers, where possible, and connect up sprinklers to run without you having to stand there watering.

See if weeping hoses will work in your garden.

These run on low pressure and water at soil level which minimises water loss through wind movement and evaporation.

Check drippers in watering systems regularly in case they become blocked and repair before plants start to dry.

If using tank water for irrigation systems, make sure you put in in-line filters on irrigation lines to minimise blockages.


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