Katamari Damacy creator is making an augmented truth sport called Woorld for assignment Tango phones

Keita Takahashi, creator of the famously bizarre ball-rolling game Katamari Damacy, has a brand newidentify, but it’s now not for the PS4 or Xbox One — you’ll want a mission Tango-compatible device to play this one.

The statement become revamped on the blog of Funomena, a small developer Takahashi has beenrunning with. the sport is referred to as Woorld, and it’s an augmented reality international that “mixesdigital and physical play.”

mission Tango gadgets track role with great accuracy, allowing you to vicinity virtual gadgets inside theactual international and interact with them. a couple of devices can paintings together and share theequal virtual global.
Don’t count on an epic story mode in which you roll up continents, although, or a reputedlyinsurmountable aim like crossing the solar device with your surprisingly lengthy body (that could be Noby Noby boy, and it took 6 years). This appears to be extra of a fun sandbox for all ages that demonstrates the possibilities of augmented reality.

Of course, you’ll want a undertaking Tango cellphone, and that they aren’t precisely thick on the floorright now. however we do assume to listen extra on that quickly: Google is rumored to be presenting aclient version of the sensor-packed handset the following day at I/O.
We’ll realize greater soon. track in tomorrow morning at 10 AM for our live insurance of the keynote.

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