The logo on this phone case is what powers its suite of accessories

Though it looks pretty unassuming, this phone case has nine different attachments.

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At first glance, this just looks like a regular iPhone case, but in fact that logo is composed of some pretty cool tech.

The Case By Case Kickstarter page bills itself as “the best phone case ever,” which is a pretty bold claim. I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s certainly pretty versatile, with a suite of interchangeable attachments that cover a range of activities. The logo itself is what makes the attachments work, which is both a cool idea and a smart branding move.


The double Cs on the Case by Case fold out to create a kickstand, but that’s only the beginning. The X is indented and magnetic, so you can attach and remove accessories easily. Case by Case makes an external battery pack, card holder, folio wallet, arm band, handlebar mount, and GoPro compatible mount that all attach via magnets. The fold out C loops also serve as tension locks for the mounts.

In addition to the various accessories, the Case by Case does provide the basic function of a phone case—protection. They make tempered glass screen protectors, a slim bumper for everyday use and a “buoyant” bumper which appears to be waterproof or at least floats on water.

Check out their campaign video below:

The Case by Case is currently available for iPhones 6 through 8+ and Galaxy S8 and Note8. If you’ve got another phone (or just really like your current case) you can buy a “Back Plate” that sticks to your current case via 3M adhesive.

Backing the project gets you 39% off retail and your backer level determines how many accessories you can add-on. For the “case + one accessory” option you can donate $49 but if you want all nine attachments you’ll need to drop $209.


The Kickstarter campaign wraps up on December 1. They need $50,000 to get funded and are less than $9,000 away at the time of writing.

Case by Case is working on an iPhone X case and more accessories, so if you’re on the fence because you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, it’s coming.


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