Millennials are increasingly using mobile coupons: eMarketer

Dive Brief:

  • According to research from Valassis reported byeMarketer, 45% more millennials used mobile coupons in Q3 2015 compared to the previous year.
  • Millennials also used more paper coupons, and coupons received in the mail than other demographics.
  • Meanwhile, only 27% of both Gen X and Baby Boomers increased use of paperless coupons over the same time period.

Dive Insight:

Millennials like couponing. And good news for brand marketers, the cohort is willing to deals out from non-traditional places.

The Valassis research found that millennials searched for coupons across a wide range of websites at a higher level than Gen X or Baby Boomers. Their search included, but was not limited to, retailer websites, coupon websites, manufacturer/brand websites, search engines, links from savings sites/blogs, and social networks.

In separate coupon news, Retail Dive reported that Target is its testing an extension of its Cartwheel app that will users to redeem third-party coupons through a deal with Quotient (formerly known as Retail Dive also reported that Target is said to be working on a wallet, which, given the evolving customer shopping journey that is increasingly beginning for many customers on mobile, could be a boon for the retailer.

“To organize and mobilize all that content, there’s benefit, first just from a convenience standpoint. But the second big benefit is that these wallets are location aware, so you can get a reminder from a store that you have a coupon or a sale when you’re nearby,” Mark Tack, VP of marketing at mobile marketing firm Vibes, told Retail Dive last year.

Meanwhile, eMarketer estimates that there are 121.3 million digital coupon users in the U.S., a figure expected to climb 5.2% this year to 127.5 million.

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