Motorola’s OneCompute uses a Moto Mod and a dock to turn the Moto Z into a desktop computer

Motorola's OneCompute uses a Moto Mod and a dock to turn the Moto Z into a desktop computerStill a concept that is part of the Motorola Moto Mods developer kit, OneCompute is a system that will turn the Motorola Moto Z into an Android powered desktop computer. Displayed at Lenovo’s Tech World last week, the system requires the use of a particular Moto Mod that is embedded with a chip from Keyssa. With the Moto Mod in place, the phone is connected with a Motorola built dock that contains several ports.

The dock includes three USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI jack, and a power connector. Users will use the dock to connect to a monitor, a mouse and a QWERTY keyboard. Similar to Microsoft’s Continuum, OneCompute doesn’t seem to be that far away from being a finished product.

During the event held by Motorola on Thursday, the company said that the Moto Mods would first be available later this summer. Perhaps OneCompute will be ready to go by then. The Moto Mods connect to the Moto Z through the use of 16 magnetic pins.

While Motorola did make some changes to the Android platform for OneCompute, much of the interface does resemble what you might see on an Android tablet. Check out OneCompute by clicking on the video below.

source: PCWorld


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