“We need to consciousness at the cause of Why We Create, Who We Create For and What motive Our Product Will Serve”

DSC_0234DSC_0234DSC_0234DSC_0234DSC_0234in this interview with Priya Ravindran from EFY, we’ve Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and okay Suresh Kumar, leader executive officer (CEO), Chipware technology, dropping mild on their jointassignment for supplying 3D design software, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform!

Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and ok Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer (CEO), Chipware technologies
Q. let us start by using speaking about your 3-D experience platform.
A. Dassault Systemes is a three-D revel in company. We consider that to be able to empower our clients, we want to identify the revel in they preference. in step with this, we use our 12 manufacturers as a way to build a 3D enjoy platform, starting from specs, to the chip and stopconsumer experience. This is meant for our clients to imagine the experiences they want to provide to their clients. We performthroughout 12 industries.

Q. tell us approximately 3-d enjoy for the semiconductor enterprise.
A. nobody buys a semiconductor from a extremely good market, but every electronics device you buy has one or more semiconductors in it. We constructed a tailor-made solution for the semiconductor enterprise, which we call ‘Silicon questioning.’ essentially, we try to apprehend the market, our customersdemanding situations and their troubles; we then paintings at the R&D, devise the solution and offer it to our clients. For offering the solution in the Indian market, Dassault Systemes has partnered with Chipware technologies, due to the fact they have got the proper business series and technical aid topromote our solutions, and sell our answers in India.

Q. Take us through Silicon questioning.
A. Silicon wondering is a 3DEXPERIENCE platform in a single unmarried environment. we are speakingapproximately layout engineering, production or even procurement. You want to recognise how plentycloth to buy and which logo to choose. The purpose of silicon thinking is you operate one single sourceof information, and make the whole thing replaceable. when there may be any problem, you mayunmarried-handedly troubleshoot it the usage of this platform, locate the difficulty, cross returned to seein which all in the layout the particular block is used, check effect, and rectify. The benefit of Siliconquestioning is that it facilitates you are taking the proper decision quicker. A better advantage at thedollars spent on studies, and better trying out talents is what the platform offers.

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Q. talking from a chip perspective, what improvements could you need for growing 3DEXPERIENCE?
A. let me make an analogy. keep in mind Make in India. For this, we first want prospect; 2nd, we need anidea to make the dream come genuine; and the third could be to fabricate the concept. Silicon wonderingsolution is constructed alongside comparable traces. In Silicon thinking, we first have programs to helpour customers consider an idea, through looking round and surveying the market, the financial systemand the society. subsequent is understanding the requirements for implementing the idea and turning them into specs like market specs, social specs, language and technical specifications. you canaccumulate all of those within the platform, categorise them and sum them up in order of precedence. After you have got a very good concept of what you may do together with your product, what’s left is to architect the chip. You outline the IP block you are going to use within the product, assemble the layoutand verify it as in keeping with the specification.
once the layout is finalised, you want to begin prototyping and producing, and right here, the 1/3 factor of Silicon wondering comes into the photo. There are strategies that permit you to outline the factorsyou’re going to gauge from the product. One simple layout may be used in different chips, exclusivepackaging and different functions, and those elements are potential from the platform. as soon as you have got the bundle, you could take a look at if it meets the specs. once you begin manufacturing, you could use the records to even optimise the application for manufacturing, the usage of Silicon thinking.

Q. How do you re-create the client’s factor-of-view?
A. We individually cross speak to clients and test on how they are locating their enjoy on a platform like ours. it is most critical to understand the hassle proper, as, while you deliver a consumer the propermedicine for a trouble, they come lower back to you the next time. as soon as we go back to ourworkplaces, we discuss the trouble at length with our studies and improvement (R&D) personnel.
we strive to incorporate what the purchaser desires, but we ask them to handiest kingdom the problemand now not provide any hints. We observe this as their perspectives are either specific or verycommon. Our intention is to provide a normal answer that may be customised as in keeping with thewishes of the client. At instances, it also takes a bit of convincing from our end to show the consumerthat the answer presented and the phrases spoken are beneficial to them. We want to do not forget thecustomers expectation, if you want to construct a solution of the purchaser’s interest.

Q. Has there been any scenario in which a customer’s wishes caused a characteristic being blanketedin your device?
A. approximately six years before, one of our customers modified our device for a particular software.they’d spent a variety of man-hours to discern out the ideal utility, building each and every step, defining what the system need to behave like. however things did no longer exercise session the way theydesired it to. when our engineers looked at it, they realised that even though what that they had producedbecame right, it turned into violating few design methodologies or regulations, and product structure. One such issue become with a procedure float for a version they had built. After lots deliberation, we gave them a wizard with the help of which they might create their personal glide. They had been very happyultimately. We ended up having the wizard inside the product, in place of coding and turning in the waftthat the customers made. 3-d is a commonplace language, and from time to time, showing human beings sincerely instead of the use of words works better.

Q. Is there any characteristic you have got newly brought into your platform?
A. there is one utility known as ‘Pinpoint’. This software enables engineers near down their designs inthree important areas. while you design a chip, specifically a virtual chip; you need to take care of 3factors – timing, strength and location. The lower/smaller every of those are, the better. Pinpoint could be very precious because it allows designers get reviews of all 3 parameters on a unmarried display, so you can fast discover cognizance areas. it’s far like a dashboard, and you could pick out to accesswished pop-u.s.a.once every 3 or four hours.

Q. What modifications have customers skilled after the use of pin factor?
A. We offer the person with important facts; we supply them neither greater nor less. if you have a lot ofrecords, you do not recognize what to attention on, and when you have much less statistics, youcannot get your job performed. It allows users find the proper stability.

Q. How is 3DEXPERIENCE extraordinary from other tools in the market?
A. generally, there are separate gear for designing, testing, verifying, optimising and so on. you may have in log in and sign off of 1 to get admission to other records on other tools. With 3DEXPERIENCE, there may be no want to get in and get out of the tool, as the entirety is present on one screen. you canadditionally see the progress of your layout at numerous degrees.

Q. What are the ones elements influencing these improvements?
A. it is the technology that is influencing innovation. You need to have a few killer product. today, the chips being produced are not used to the fullest. as an example, in case you test a mobile running on an octa-center processor, you rarely put all eight cores to most use.

Q. What could you say is the winning feature for a device?
A. it is the experience derived by using a person; the way he/she interacts with the tool. The touchscreenbecome added a good deal earlier than Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. but apple got here up with theconcept of the use of it as a communique medium among people and machines, so as to simplify the usage of a phone and increase it to a broader range. in addition, what a tool company can do ispaintings at the consumer interface. Human system interface (HMI) has changed dramatically through the years and we must make sure that the interface we provide is appealing for specific domains of operation.
A dressmaker or an engineer running on our device must no longer care approximately the tool; heshould awareness at the concept. The greater price you can offer inside the device, the simpler can behis task. it is approximately presenting the proper capabilities. You want to are expecting what hisfunction and purpose are, and what he is attempting to do. we attempt to customise the device andprovide get entry to depending on the position of the consumer, say the CEO of a organization or aemployee inside the statistics era (IT) crew.

Q. what’s the largest mission in operating with 3-dimensional area?
A. What we’ve got experienced is that clients should be understood. information their need is mostchallenging. The generation allows you to be high-quality; it appears to be clean to pay attention toclients, but every client has a one of a kind idea. you have to identify the center line to satisfyeverybody. at the same time as there’s generation and software program engineering, we need to focuson the reason of why we create, who we create for and what cause our product will serve.

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