How Nextiva Analytics Helps Small Business Succeed

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics

Since the late 1990s, virtual phone services have enabled small businesses to obtain robust business phone services for less money by shouldering all the hardware, management and maintenance costs and spreading them across a number of businesses.

While enhanced phone system functionality for less is a big win for small businesses, one could argue that the most valuable piece in play here is the insight provided by tools like Nextiva Analytics.

Business Call Analytics – Nextiva Analytics

Knowledge is Power

While most virtual phone services offer some form of reporting, Nextiva Analytics has taken this to a whole new level by focusing on three key elements: view, analyze and act.

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Nextiva Analytics Overview

By enabling you to view and analyze your inbound and outbound call data from as high as your entire organization down to a specific location, call group, user, or even phone number, Analytics gives you the freedom to make the right decisions on the fly.

In addition, analytics offers gamification, a feature that provides even more value to your business. Let’s take a closer look at what Nextiva Analytics brings to the table to help your small business succeed.

Visualize Data Clearly

Nextiva Analytics enables you to see your call data in a number of different ways including:

  • Real time or historical data using different types of charts;

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Real Time Reporting

  • Map views; and

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Map View

  • Custom reports.

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Custom Reports

So far, these reporting features have been handy, if not very unique. Analytics however, has more tricks up its sleeves.

For example, while viewing a report, you can dig in and access individual call recordings:

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Access Call

If you like to stay on top of your call data, analytics offers dashboards, scorecards, and wallboards like the one shown below:

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Wallboard

All of these features help you visualize your call data in a number of different ways both quickly and easily. Once you have the data you want onscreen, it’s time for the next step.

Interpret Your Data to Gain Actionable Insights

Having relevant data in hand is important, however the true value lies in how you use that data to monitor progress and identify current or upcoming issues.

Nextiva Analytics helps you in this effort by enabling you to:

  • Identify patterns in your call history;

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Identify Patterns in Call Activity

  • Gain an objective long-term view; and

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - An Objective Long Term View

  • Compare data between locations, call groups, users and phone numbers.

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Compare Data

Once you’ve analyzed your call data, you can move on to the final step in the process.

Make Informed Decisions Clearly

This step is where Nextiva Analytics helps small businesses succeed. By making decisions based on actual data and analysis, small businesses can:

  • Avoid missteps in staffing and phone service levels that can cost you both money and time;
  • Catch issues before the potential for risk and impact grows; and
  • Gain true insight into the performance of your team no matter where they work.

That last point is one on which Nextiva has spent a great deal of focus. The result? Gamification.

Nextiva Gamification

Gamification is an approach that engenders friendly competition among employees to see who can come out on top in a certain way. This competition has been shown to engage employees, which in turn leads to better productivity.

Nextiva Analytics enables small businesses to achieve this boost in productivity by setting up a leaderboard for employees:

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Deploy Gamification

Ranking can be calculated by the number of inbound, outbound or total calls, and by calls or minutes. Here are some examples of the leaderboards you can set up with analytics:

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - Gamification Examples

You can also view rankings for users, teams, locations or call groups:

Business Call Analytics - Nextiva Analytics - View Rankings


With quick and easy access to your call data and tools to analyze that data, Nextiva Analytics was designed to help small businesses succeed by providing them with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Throw in gamification and Nextiva has built a powerful tool atop its virtual phone system, one that may make sense to consider when shopping for a solution.

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