The Miitomo social media app is live for both iOS and Android, but while friend linking and minigames are fun, the part of Nintendo’s first mobile app that will make users become obsessed is dressing up their Miis.

Once the Mii creation and account linking is done, you’ll want to spend all of your coins (the in-game currency of Miitomo ) on some awesome clothing to make your Mii stand out. And if you are really into customizing and changing up how your avatar looks, this function of Miitomo is perfect for you.

We compiled some nifty tricks to understanding how to get all the clothes your Mii heart desires.


The Clothes Shop is located in the Miitomo menu. hen you go there you’ll have access to different articles of clothing, from hats down to socks.

The shop’s tabs sort everything by the article, which makes looking for a particular piece of clothing or accessory easy. However, there is one tab that you’ll want to pay extra attention to, and that is the daily tab.

miitomo clothes dailyThe daily tab of the Miitomo shop changes everyday iDigitalTimes

Each day, this tab will update with different articles of clothing. Every Miitomo account is different and the daily tab is unique to that account. So if you want the butterfly wings your friend has in their daily tab, you’ll have to check each and every day until it appears.

But as you can tell, each article of clothing costs coins. One way of getting them is to make friends and answer a bunch of their questions.


Making friends is a big part of Miitomo not only for the social aspect but because of the coins you can gain by having as many friends as possible: you gain coins for every question their Miis ask you.

We’ll have a more in-depth guide to grinding out coins in the future, but in the meantime, befriend as many of your Facebook and Twitter friends as you can so you’ll gain access to as many questions to answer as possible.

miitomoquestcoinAnswering questions will earn you coins. Nintendo


Speaking of coins and in-game currency, the My Nintendo Rewards Program is a great way to gain some cool Mii gear and extra Game Tickets that can be used to play the minigames in Miitomo.

You’ll just need to sign up for a New Nintendo Account and link it to your Miitomo account. You’ll be rewarded some points that you can use on various pieces of clothing and Game Tickets. The initial My Nintendo Rewards list for Miitomo is below and will change in the future.

Miitomo Rewards

  1. Mario Suit (Miitomo) – 250 Platinum/Miitomo Points
  2. 1 Game Ticket (Miitomo) – 85 Platinum Points
  3. 5 Game Tickets (Miitomo) – 420 Platinum Points
  4. 10 Game Tickets (Miitomo) – 250 Platinum Points


The minigames in Miitomo require coins or tickets to play, and you’ll need friends and My Nintendo points to gain coins, see how it all comes full circle? This will give you a chance to win some articles of clothing that can’t be found in the store.

miitomo minigamesThe minigames in Miitomo iDigitalTimes/Nintendo

All of the minigames are “drop” games similar to Plinko in The Price is Right. You move the crane to the left and right and drop the Mii down a pinball-esque level. The Mii will bounce around a bit until it stops. The closest piece of clothing is what you’ll win, and the great part is you choose the color of that article of clothing, so farming for more colors of the same article is totally possible.

miitomoprizesThe different colors of the same Miitomo clothing accessory iDigitalTimes

Another great part of the minigames is that each week, a new theme will be added to Miitomo so keep checking back to see if you find the theme you want.

And that’s it for the clothing in Miitomo. Did we miss anything? Any tips you have for getting as much clothing as possible? Let us know in the comments section below.