Oculus replace stops you from using VR apps with HTC’s Vive

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift proprietors usually have lots in common, including get admission to to among the equal apps and games. however, it looks as if a gulf is commencing up between the 2 virtual truthheadsets. Oculus has released an app update whose progressed “platform integrity testswreck guide for Revive, an unofficial tool that we could Rift-particular apps (the ones in Oculus home) run on HTC’s gear.if you ask Revive’s creators, they trust that Oculus is checking that its hardware is attached regardless ofthe app you are the usage ofpreviously, you most effective had to persuade individual apps thatthere is a Rift connected.

it is viable to get round this barrier if you have an Oculus Rift (DK2 or the finished version) mountedwhile you begin an app, however this isn’t always precisely realistic for VR fans who most effectivehave cash to spend on one tool.

An Oculus spokesman talking to Ars Technica maintains that the update wasn’t mainly focused at Revive, and that the aim changed into entirely to combat piracy of titles that developersworked so tough to make.” there’s a few reality to that (it’s easier to crack packages whilst there are no hardware exams),but there is absolute confidence that this creates a chilling effect for Vive proprietors who just need to look what they’re missing. it is also quite contradictory for Oculus. Founder Palmer Luckey stated hedidn’t need to lock people into his headsets, but that appears to be going on all the sameyou mayshould get used to copy safety dictating the VR stories you are allowed to have.

via: Ars Technica
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