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MADISON Ala. — Seeing donation bins for clothes or other used goods outside of stores is commonplace, but a viewer recently contacted us about one location where the donations are piling up.

The bins are part of a free recycling service that lets users get rid of their unwanted clothes. But some are asking what good are these donations if they aren’t being distributed to the community?

Six clothing recycling bins are overflowing, outside of the Walmart on Madison Boulevard. “I couldn’t help but see that when I pulled in,” said Eloise Stanley. “It’s so much of it.”

“They’re overflowing and the clothes are all on the ground,” said Ashlee Oshai.

Some of the bins filled to the brim, others still with room, but bags and bags remained piled outside. “When was the last time anything was picked up? How long has this been out here?” asked Stanley.

“It’s been raining lately and maybe the clothes might be dirty or soggy,” said Oshai.

“People are donating and whoever is supposed to be coordinating is not properly utilizing the resources given to them, you know from the community,” said Matthew Short.

Two companies own the bins; New Hope Recycling, and Recyclable Textile Management. I called both to ask about the overflow. RTM says they will schedule a clean up at this location, and new hope recycling says they collect clothing from these bins every week. They assured me that the clothes will be picked up by Tuesday.

“Somebody was trying to do a good thing, and it’s not being used, it’s too bad,” said Stanley.

The companies said that when they collect, they collect every piece of clothing or trash in and around the bins.


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