CIOs: Time to drop the efficiency conversation

    At this time of year CIOs are often looking ahead to the new year to plan the IT projects they want to complete during 2022. According to Harvey Nash’s Digital leadership report, company boards have identified investment in technology to develop new products and services as a top priority. Delegates tuning into Gartner’s virtual ITxpo Symposium event, were […]

    Qualys on cyber challenges: still to patch is no fair match

    Qualys, Inc. staged its QSC 2021 conference in Las Vegas from November 15 to 18 and the Computer Weekly Developer Network was tuned in from the ‘get-go’ to listen to what the cloud-based IT, security and compliance solutions company is tabling next. In a slightly unusually format, Qualys president and CEO Sumedh Thakar gave way to a guest speaker for the […]

    Instant Articles: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

    Instant Articles PublishersThe earliest partners of Instant ArticlesSome were very excited and jumped at the opportunity right away. Blazing fast loading time and immersive visual storytelling features seemed like a new, comprehensive way to engage more readers. The world’s biggest news outlets dipped their toes into IA’s functionalities right away. Some of the early results […]

    India Amends Rules For Registration Of Foreigners, Electronic Application Now Possible

    The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has amended rules regarding the registration of foreigners allowing “any application or information” under these rules submitted to the Registration Officer through the “electronic mode”. These rules will now be called the Registration of Foreigners (Amendment) Rules, 2021 which has given relief in the process of registration of foreigners […]

    What are the Plants We Can Make Ayurvedic Medicines from

    Ayurvedic herbs are God’s gift to this planet. Ayurvedic plants help to cleanse our body, boost defense against disease, and keep the mind, body, and spirit in balance. Ayurvedic plants make a difference in our lives by not only giving us fresh air but also helps in fighting many diseases and human problems that even […]

    3 Reasons Why Students Should Learn to Build a Computer

    Do you have students in your classroom that want to build personal computers or PCs? Are they more interested in playing computer games all day long in the classroom? Understandably, you may have some reservations at first. You won’t find a decent teacher that wants their students playing video games all day. And yet, the process […]

    BLOG TYBCOM Computer Classes in Mumbai

    Brainpoint.net covers all college-based Syllabus T.Y.B.Com Computers new syllabus introduced by the University of Mumbai at the T.Y.B.Com Level. Our classes in mumbai at grant road cover all the important programs topics like MySQL, Excel, and Visual Basic etc. Our teaching method has made it simple and easy to understand with a practical approach. Graphic […]

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    How GIS is helping the United Nations to revolutionize manufacturing

    The United Nations forecasts that the Earth’s population will reach 9.2 billion by 2050, a 15 percent increase from today. More people means more products will be manufactured, more food grown, and more energy used. In the twentieth century alone, 34 times the amount of construction materials were harvested, 27 times more ore and minerals […]

    What To Do When Weight Loss Stalls

    There comes a point in every person’s weight loss journey when they feel they are unable to shed anymore weight even after sticking to the same diet and daily exercise, and when the weighing scale refuses to show lower numbers, it can be extremely frustrating. In fact, you might even question the whole purpose of […]

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    What California Parents and Teachers Need to Know About Universal Transitional Kindergarten

    Even as the pandemic continues to disrupt the way children learn, California is poised to make a historic investment in its early education system. Championed by Gov. Gavin Newsom and many lawmakers, the new $2.7 billion universal transitional kindergarten program is being hailed by many experts as a game changer for families in California with almost 3 million […]

    Facebook just rebranded as Meta, but privacy will still be its biggest hurdle

    ‘Facebook Connect 2021’ event, Facebook announced an ambitious vision for a connected utopia: one that seamlessly links the virtual world to the physical, bringing together geographically separated people into the same virtual space – whether through world-building games, collaborative workplaces or in a virtual home. It’s all part of its grand plans to build the metaverse – […]