Pokemon Invade Stardew Valley With This Mod
Pokemon Invade Stardew Valley With This Mod

Stardew Valley, an indie farming simulation role-playing game released last month, seems to have taken a liking with the modding community, especially fans of Pokemon.

Pokédew Valley – Pokemon meets Stardew Valley, you guessed it – is an umbrella thread for all of the community’s efforts grouped into a single page, and helps you convert your farm animals into Pokemons.

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You can convert your pet cat into a Meowth – yes the one with perma-troublemakers Team Rocket – or your dog into a Growlithe, if that’s more your liking. You can also make your farm cows into a Miltank, or change the horse into Ponyta who has reddish-orange flames as his mane and tail. Just don’t expect it to turn into Rapidash anytime soon.

Sheep can be turned into Mareep – the sheep-like Pokemon, duh – and chickens become Torchic. Duggy enemies become tiny, brown Diglett and the flying ones can be converted into a Zubat. And if you like, you can also have your human character put on Ash’s trademark hat.

Reception for the Pokemon-themed mods has been enthusiastic, with a lot of players applauding everyone’s efforts and listing down other Pokemon they would like to see on their farms.

If you’re interested in getting Pokemon in your Stardew Valley farm, head over to the Stardew Valley community thread and pick your favourite. Once you’ve downloaded the file from one of the listed download pages, locate your game’s install folder. By default, it should be on the main hard drive under Program Files (x86)\ Steam\ steamapps\ common\ Stardew Valley. Once you’re there, head over to Content -> Animals and find the file that you’re about to replace.

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For example, if you’re going with Meowth, find the “cat.xnb” file and rename it to make a backup, something like “cat.nxb.bak”. After that, copy the file you downloaded, start the game and you should see a Meowth – with no Pokemon powers obviously – on your farm.

Remember, you do need to already have said animal on the farm to see its Pokemon version. If you decide you don’t want the Pokemon, just head over to the same folder as before, remove the downloaded file and rename the “cat.nxb.bak” file back to its original name.

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