Prison-issue clothing found on sale on eBay

Prison-issue clothing found on sale on eBay

HM Prison issue clothing is selling fast on eBay (Picture: eBay) Clothing made for inmates at some of Britain’s toughest prisons have been found on sale on eBay. Selling for prices exceeding many high street brands, the HM Prison issue clothing discovered on the site includes shirts, tracksuits and t-shirts.

There are even toothbrushes up for sale as part of a package with trainers and letter-headed paper. Or you can take them individually for £4.50 each or £30 for a pack of 10.

One eBay seller used mass-murderer Fred West as an enticement to buy his merchandise.

Selling a HMP Birmingham t-shirt BTJon wrote: ‘I took this home with me accidentally when I left HMP Winson Green Birmingham in 2010.

‘What dangerous criminals have worn this before me? This shirt came from the same wing Fred West hung himself on at Birmingham Cat B prison.’

He added: ‘Excellent condition, especially considering where it’s been and where it’s come from.’

Prison-issue clothing found on sale on eBay
Job lot: £55 prison issue trousers, trainers, notepads and ten toothbrushes (Picture: eBay)

One of most popular items is the ‘HP Prison original blue striped long sleeved shirt’ with an ‘HM Prison’ label on the pocket.

Also up for sale are brand new HMP Liverpool jeans (£29.99), a ‘very rare’ red HMP Gloucester gym orderly sweatshirt (£50), HMP Lincoln green sweatshirts (£50) and HMP Acklington hi-vis jackets (£47).

However, the Prison Service has said it is illegal and promised to take action.

A Prison Service spokesman said: ‘It is against the law to steal or sell prison property. We are looking into this case and will take the appropriate action.’

Fashion designer Chris Finney explained why there is an appeal for HMP clothing.

Prison-issue clothing found on sale on eBay
Bright young thing: £47 for HMP Acklington hi-vis jackets (Picture: eBay)

He told ‘HMP is brand everyone knows and understands. Prison clothing immediately gives the wearer that bad boy attitude which so many people want.

‘And of course being part of any group or institution gives people a sense of belonging and as individual jails make their own clothing means the wearer can identify along geographic lines too.’

Babyshop Landmark designer Mr Finney, who has previously worked for George, C&A, Marks and Spencer and Next, added: ‘People want to project their personality through their clothing, and wearing prison clothing is a simple and direct way of doing that.

‘These prison garments must also be pretty rare so that immediately makes them special in a lot of ways.’

Prison-issue clothing found on sale on eBay
At Her Majesty’s leisure clothing: HMP Wakefield prison issue trousers (£55) (Picture: eBay)
Prison-issue clothing found on sale on eBay
Proving green is the new black when it comes to prison trousers, an inmate in HMP Wandsworth (Picture: Getty Images)

He added: ‘Items of clothing should also be conversation starters, and wearing HMP anything will certainly make people look twice and ask questions.’

There are not just prison clothes on for sale on Ebay there are HMP bunk beds (£8), prison officer watches (£27.99), mugs (£7.99), kitbags (£10) and even HMP strawberry flavour ice cream lids (£12).



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