PUBG: New State Downtime Announced Ahead of December Update With New Vehicles, Survivor Pass, More

PUBG: New State Downtime Announced Ahead of December Update With New Vehicles, Survivor Pass, More

New State is scheduled to go into maintenance later today, December 9, as publisher Krafton releases an update for the recently launched battle royale game. The December update for PUBG: New State brings new weapons and vehicles for players, along with the Survivor Pass Volume 2. The update will be available after the maintenance window closes. Krafton is expected to add new weapons and two new vehicles, along with weapon customisation, with the December update for PUBG New State.

Krafton announced the downtime on the game’s website, stating that PUBG: New State (review) would go into maintenance today. However, the publisher did not specify the timing of the maintenance window when the game will not be accessible to players. Once the update is installed on the game’s servers, players will have to update their copies of the game on iOS and Android to gain access to the new content.

As part of the December update, Krafton is introducing the Survivor Pass Volume 2, which will allow gamers to unlock upgraded level rewards for the Premium Pass, granting costumes and vehicle skins and 1,500 NC (in-game currency) for reaching level 48, according to an earlier report. The new Survivor Pass Volume 2 will be available after the December update is live, according to Krafton.

The L85A3 assault rifle, a new weapon with 5.56mm ammo, will be available after the PUBG: New State December update is complete, according to Krafton. Gamers will be able to find the weapon in Erangel and Troi. It offers the highest rate of damage (with a low fire rate) in the 5.56 assault rifles category and can be used in mid- to long-range targeting.

Meanwhile, gamers will also gain access to Electron and Mesta, two new vehicles in PUBG: New State. Electron will be a six-seater minibus and can be found in the training ground or in Troi. Meanwhile, Mesta is a sports car which will be available in Standard and Open models. It can be found in Erangel, Troi, and the training ground, according to Krafton.

With the holiday season around the corner, Krafton will also update PUBG: New State lobby music and the theme, with new winter decorations. Once updated, gamers will gain access to weapon customisation, allowing them to tweak the performance of their weapons for better accuracy, damage, or range.

Using weapon customisations will have varying effects, such as changing the M416’s long barrel will increase recoil, while upping the damage to opponents. Krafton will also include a host of bug fixes as part of the update, along with improvements to the team deathmatch mode, character controls and actions, maps, and more as part of the December update.


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