Samsung Posts US $five.1 Billion earnings In Fourth zone 2015

Samsung Posts US $5.1 Billion Profit In Fourth Quarter 2015

Samsung Electronics posted 6.1 trillion won ($5.1 billion) in operating earnings for the fourth quarter of 2015. (file image)
SEOUL: Samsung Electronics published 6.1 trillion received ($5.1 billion) in running profit for the fourthregion of 2015, regulatory filing showed nowadays.

The fourth-sector running profit become down 17.forty six percent over the previous quarter howeverturned into up 15.31 percent over a yr in advance, Xinhua suggested.

revenue became fifty three trillion won at some point of the October-December period, up 2.fifty fivepercentage from three months in advance and up zero.fifty one percentage from a 12 months ago.

For the complete 12 months of 2015, running earnings elevated 5.35 percentage from the previous yearto 26.37 trillion won.

revenue rose 2.85 percent from a 12 months earlier to 2 hundred.34 trillion won in 2015.

Samsung does not unveil its estimates for net profits and the breakdown of each enterprise whilstpronouncing the initial figures.

The final consequences can be made regarded later this month after an external audit.

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