COUPONS Launches National Group Coupon Site for Small Businesses


(PRESS RELEASE – April 28, 2011) – Small businesses, retailers and restaurateurs can get in on the group coupon craze with a new, national group coupon site called which was recently launched in all 50 states.

The site will help mom-and-pop retailers, restaurants, salons, spas, home-based businesses, professional service businesses and other small businesses who are in the launch, startup and new phases of their businesses and who need to find new customers or clients, as well as to help them find vendors who can provide the goods and services they need.

“Most other group coupon sites usually take anywhere from 50-90% of each coupon sale. We realize that it’s hard enough for a new, small business to succeed. That’s why we don’t take any portion of the proceeds from any coupon offerings by our members,” said Kerry Blackman, founder of “Unlike other group coupon sites, we charge only a small, monthly membership fee — and the first six months are free to try out. We don’t even ask for a credit card to sign up.” To help new, small businesses get a lift, the coupons on the site are exclusively from small businesses operating for less than 4 years. Qualifying members can sell coupons from the site and all of the sales proceeds go directly into their PayPal accounts at the time of consumer purchase. They can fully track the views and sales of their coupons and see the contact information of their coupon buyers.

Another benefit of is that small businesses can find vendors and suppliers to help them run their businesses more effectively. That’s because suppliers of goods and services can offer them to the community of new, small businesses that need them.

Focusing on small, startup new businesses was a key decision in branding the company because “No business has a greater challenge and no business has a greater incentive to offer the best deals, than a new business,” said Blackman.

“It’s a complete small business survival Web-kit — a small business webpanion,” said Blackman. “Startup/ new, small businesses should like us because we help them succeed. Consumers should like us because they are made aware of great discounts and bargains from these businesses who have the greatest incentive to offer them. Business suppliers should like us because we provide an exchange of goods and services platform between them and these new, small businesses. Everyone should like us because by helping startup/new, small businesses succeed, they in turn create jobs, spend, invest and borrow money, and help the local, state and US economy — a win-win all the way around.” is a promotional, sourcing and business networking website for business startups, new, small businesses, their future customers and suppliers. offers these key, unique features that competitors don’t:

  • New small businesses can post as well as sell group and other coupons to acquire new business for their restaurants, spas, retail stores or professional services. StartupBuys does not take any portion of the proceeds which all go directly from the coupon purchaser to the merchant.
  • New small business can acquire trusted business suppliers. Any business member, whether a startup/new small business or a supplier to them, which does not have to be new or small, can offer their goods or services to each other through the sites’ B2B Sourcing section, where new small businesses can find the products and services they need to grow their businesses.
  • A nationwide directory for public viewing of just startup/new, small businesses by professional category and location. Included in the directory whose member pages can be viewed only by Premium business members, are listings of “Suppliers to Startups” that either have been operating for 4 or more years and/or that have 100 or more employees.
  • Consumers can get coupons on the best deals from startup/new, small businesses.

Startup businesses also benefit from these unique features:

  • Post their business sourcing needs and offerings to each other.
  • Use a forum to connect, network, form groups, participate in Q&A and otherwise communicate with each other and suppliers to them, for advice, sharing of know-how, experiences and information.
  • Post relevant business events to promote their businesses.
  • Post jobs for workers they need.
  • “One of the best places to get great deals on things you want and/or need is from the offerings from new businesses on,” Blackman said.


Kerry Mark Blackman, founder & CEO, has practiced law for prominent companies in the entertainment, international and banking fields.

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