Apple’s 9.7-Inch iPad Pro vs 12.9-Inch iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2

    Apple realises that many people, if not most, prefer the 9.7-inch form factor when picking a tablet. Which is why the Cupertino-based company on Monday unveiled the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the successor to its 2014’s iPad Air 2. The latest addition to the company’s iPad family offers mostly the same innards as the 12.9-inch iPad […]

    Apple’s New iPhone and iPad Say: Small Is Beautiful Too

    As it struggles to match the success of its big-screen iPhones, Apple is now contending that small can be beautiful, too. The giant tech company showed off downsized versions of its signature iPhone and iPad Pro tablet on Monday, hoping they’ll appeal to first-time buyers and those who have shied away from the bigger-screen models […]

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    Apple’s 9.7-Inch iPad Pro: Portable, Powerful, and a Little Puzzling

    I had the privilege of spending some time with Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro on Monday at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. And, I admit, there isn’t too much that’s new to say. If you’ve used the larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you’re in for pretty much the same software experience here – at least, […]

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    The Monk Who Inspired Steve Jobs, Influenced Apple’s Designs

    Robert Palladino’s name appears nowhere in Steve Jobs’s lengthy authorized biography, but he had an enduring influence on Jobs and the business empire he erected. Jobs sat in on Palladino’s calligraphy class at Portland’s Reed College, which eventually inspired the elegance for which Apple computers are renowned, the tech icon recalled in his famous 2005 […]

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    Apple’s New San Francisco Office Could Be a Tool in Tech Talent Wars

    From Apple’s earliest days, executives insisted that employees work from its headquarters in sleepy suburban Cupertino. The thinking, championed by Steve Jobs, was that a centralized campus would put the CEO “within walking distance of everyone,” said Steve Wozniak, who founded the company with Jobs. That stance may finally be softening as Apple prepares to […]

    US Police Say Criminals Like Apple’s iPhone Because of Encryption

    Some criminals have switched to new iPhones as their “device of choice” to commit wrongdoing due to strong encryption Apple Inc has placed on their products, three law enforcement groups said in a court filing. The groups told a judge overseeing Apple’s battle with the US Department of Justice on Thursday that, among other things, […]

    Apple’s Newest Courtroom Foe Is Patent-Savvy University

    As a veteran of the global smart phone wars, Apple is used to courtroom battles with fierce competitors such as Samsung and Nokia. This week, however, a federal jury returned a verdict against Apple in a lawsuit brought by a different kind of adversary: a public university. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s licensing arm, the Wisconsin […]

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    Apple’s Growth Machine Is Finally Starting to Sputter

    Apple has been corporate America’s most ridiculously unbelievable growth story. And now it’s over. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Get used to it. Yes, the Apple we have come to know was a gravity-defying growth machine. Apple is the most valuable company in the world, yet it increased its revenue in the last 12 months […]