Wash or wear? Contact 6 tests clothing for chemicals

    MILWAUKEE — You just bought a brand new outfit. So, do you wear it right away or wait until you’ve washed it? Turns out, there could be chemicals inside your clothes that will make you want to really think about it. Contact 6’s Jenna Sachs shops for clothing to test. FOX6’s Contact 6 went shopping […]

    Samsung Workers Sickened by Chemicals in Factories Speak Up

    Samsung Electronics, the leader in the global computer chip and smartphone industries, is South Korea’s biggest company, with about 100,000 workers. An Associated Press investigation found South Korean authorities let Samsungwithhold from sick workers and their families crucial information about the chemicals they are exposed to at its computer chip and display factories. A worker-safety […]

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    Court Says Chemicals Caused Samsung Chip Worker’s Ovarian Cancer

    A South Korean court says exposure to carcinogens at a Samsung chip factory caused a worker’s ovarian cancer. The ruling is the first time a court in South Korea has linked ovarian cancer with chemicals that chip workers were exposed to. The Seoul Administrative Court said Friday it sees a “significant causal relationship” between the […]