Clothing Drive Supports Foster Children with Burleigh County Social Services

    Two local organizations came together to help restock the Burleigh County Social Services closet. The donations provide foster families with much needed clothing to support these children. ‘Share the Love’ and ‘FIND’ partnered to place clothing bins at New Song Church. They are collecting clothing and pajamas in sizes that will fit children, from sizes for […]

    Kiddle, the new Google-enabled ‘safe’ search engine for children

    (This article has been revised from the original. For details, please scroll to the bottom of this article.) Now, you no longer need to watch over your child’s shoulder while s/he is searching for something on the internet. Kiddle, a new customised search engine for children, uses a modified version of Google search to make […]

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    Yoga for Children

    Mountains tumbling into head stands, suddenly converting into speeding cycles. Bridges collapsing into roaring lions, cocooned caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies. These amazing pictures are nothing but scenes from any normal household. Watch a child and you will know. The natural postures of a child are yoga asanas. This is what the body is born […]