OnePlus 10 Pro to come with 36-month fluency TÜV certification

    OnePlus’ 10 series event is just a couple of days away so the company doesn’t stop teasing its upcoming handsets. The latest post on Weibo talks about a strange new fluency certification from TÜV and the OnePlus 10 Pro is the first phone to pass the tests with flying colors. The certification takes into account […]

    Seven Wonders replicas to come up at South Mumbai’s Mazgaon garden

     Garden Photo for representation In the next six months, the Mumbaikars will see Seven Wonders of the World at a single spot. Installation work of replicas of the seven wonders is underway at Joseph Baptist garden in South Mumbai’s Mazgaon area. The garden is one of the biggest and oldest in the city. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s […]

    New ARM-powered Windows laptops may come with ‘multi-day battery life’

    Microsoft will be launching its new laptop with a multi-day battery life. This ARM-powered laptop will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 systems-on-chip (SoC). It will support traditional desktop apps courtesy an emulator in Windows 10. During the Qualcomm summit in Hong Kong, Microsoft hinted at what to expect from the laptop. Qualcomm had earlier promised that […]

    Coping with patients who come bearing coupons

    Insurance companies are increasingly emphasizing value-based plans to align consumer spending with the value generated by a service or drug. However, pharmaceutical makers are seriously undermining these efforts by issuing “copayment coupons.” With coupons, the consumer’s cost for a higher-tier brand-name drug may actually be less than it would be for a lower-tier generic. In fact, experts […]

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    Bluetooth 5 Officially Released, Will Come to Devices in a Few Months

    HIGHLIGHTS Bluetooth is a ubiquitous wireless standard to connect electronics Bluetooth 5 features 2x speeds, 4x range over predecessors Devices featuring Bluetooth 5 should be out in the next 2 to 6 months Bluetooth is the quintessential wireless standard for electronics to communicate with each other across small distances in a power-efficient way. Everything from […]

    After Agusta, Pilatus Deal May Come Under Scanner

    The authentic stated the list could be passed over to the research companies for further probe. NEW DELHI: Whilst the political warmness generated via the AgustaWestland chopper deal is yet to die down, a few greater defence offers May also come Underneath the scanner, together with one on Pilatussimple trainer aircraft, defence ministry resources said […]

    After Agusta, Pilatus Deal may Come under Scanner

    The legit said the listing might be handed over to the research companies for in addition probe. NEW DELHI: even as the political warmness generated by means of the AgustaWestland chopper deal isbut to die down, some more defence offers may come underneath the scanner, consisting of one on Pilatus primary trainer plane, defence ministry […]

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    Indians think Africans are ‘frauds and prostitutes’ ‒ so why do they still come to India to study?

    Photo Credit: Noah Seelam/AFP 21.8K Total Views On the morning of February 6, a few hundred African students gathered on the steps of Bengaluru’s Town Hall, a striking, colonnaded building at the heart of the sprawling metropolis best known as India’s Silicon Valley. Holding posters, some printed and most handwritten, and shouting slogans, they were […]

    Red cards in cricket: An idea whose time has come

    Photo Credit: Saeed Khan / AFP 13.2K Total Views Cricket is often called the “gentleman’s game” but the reality is sometimes rather different. If the game conjured up romantic images of idyllic village greens and players clad in pristine white upholding the “spirit of the game” (whatever that means), it has metamorphosed into a multi-billion […]