Finally, Mobile Live Video Streaming Comes to YouTube

    Six years after YouTube featured live-streaming for desktops in 2011, the company finally decided to bring the app to mobile. YouTubers around the world have been waiting for this feature since the company announced it in June of 2016. It is here, but with a caveat. You need more than 10,000 followers to use the […]

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    Microsoft’s Windows 10 Push Comes to Shove for Some Users

    Microsoft really, REALLY wants you to upgrade to Windows 10.Since last summer, the tech giant has pushed and prodded PC owners to upgrade their machines to its latest Windows version. While the upgrade is currently free for most consumers with Windows PCs, critics say the company’s heavy-handed nudging amounts to an “offer you can’t refuse.” […]

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    Leadpages Event Comes to Minneapolis, Is Your Event on Our Calendar?

    Leadpages’ second annual conference Convert 2016 is coming in Minneapolis Oct. 18. And it looks like an event packed with exciting speakers and an interesting agenda. Comedian and podcaster Marc Maron, former Hubspot product officer David Cancel and Social Triggers founder Derek Halpern are just three of the speakers featured during the two day event […]

    Android App and Google Play aid comes to the first Chrome OS tool

    HIGHLIGHTS Google Play and Android App help arrives on Chromebooks. Asus Chromebook flip first laptop to get hold of support. Google Play icon must show up after download of beta Chrome OS fifty three. Google announced at I/O 2016 that Android apps had been coming to Chromebooks, alongside supportfor Google Play. Now, Google employee Francois […]

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    ‘Hyper mild Drifter’ special version comes with a SNES cart

    I recognise what you are thinking — some other special version for an indie sport? positive it’s beenaccomplished earlier than, normally, but the Hyper light Drifter Collector’s version appears quite candy. It comes with a cyan “SNES cartridge,” a 24-page guide, a 24-inch by means of 18-inch world map poster, afield to shop it all […]

    Captain america: Civil conflict Superheroes Tech comes to fact

    Mouser Innovation Lab faucets veteran Mythbuster grant Imahara to create new tech to coincide withrelease of wonder’s Captain the usa: Civil struggle Mouser Electronics and wonder have partnered to release the mission Heroes video series, designed toeducate and entertain destiny engineers and enthusiasts of the marvel Cinematic Universe. marvel and Mouser are bringing to lifestyles […]

    The actual property Act comes into pressure from 1st may 2016

    The real estate Act, designed to protect patron interest and enhance responsibility of developers, cameinto pressure on may additionally 1, 2016, putting in movement the technique of creating essentialoperational guidelines and introduction of institutional infrastructure. An legitimate statement stated that the policies can be made ‘inside a most length of six months’, as in keeping […]

    East Africa’s used-clothes trade comes under fire

    GIKOMBA market, just north of Nairobi’s downtown, is a place to buy just about anything. At its entrance, where ragged minibuses push their way through rutted red mud, stalls sell piles of pillows, plastic toys, cutlery and soap. But the most common wares are second-hand clothing. Piles of old T-shirts and jeans; winter jackets, incongruous […]

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    Instagram Finally Comes to Windows 10 Mobile, in Beta Form

    You no longer have to resort to unofficial apps to access Instagram on your Windows 10 Mobilesmartphone. The popular image and video sharing platform has finally released its app on Microsoft’s mobile platform. While still in the beta phase, Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile offers several interesting features including one that mimics Apple’s Peek and […]