Emily Ratajkowski is accused of copying swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez in debut collection

    Emily Ratajkowski has been accused of copying swimwear designs by Lisa Marie Fernandez in her debut launch. Unveiled last week, the 26-year-old launched a collection of six bikinis and swimsuits under her new brand Inamorata. One day later, reports Business of Fashion, New York designer Lisa Marie Fernandez send her a cease-and-desist. Fernandez – who is a […]

    Small Business Web Designer Wix Sees 44 Percent Increase in Second Quarter

    Wix, the global Web development platform aimed at small to medium sized businesses, has announced some impressive second quarter numbers. The company reported collections up to $57.4 million, a 44 percent increase year-over-year. The cloud-based service also reported an increase in subscribers, topping out at 68 million registered users. That’s a marked increase from the number […]

    Google Announces Web Designer, Enhancements to DoubleClick

    0 Google is set to launch a new app to help advertisers create Web ads and engaging Web content assets, using a standard called HTML5.  The new tool is called Google Web Designer. Neal Mohan, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, pre-announced it on the official DoubleClick Advertiser blog: “To help advertisers and publishers more seamlessly […]

    Google Web Designer HTML5 Tool is Updated

    This week Google announced an update to its Google Web Designer HTML5 tool. The update brings more options to build interactive and animated content.  It also brings tighter integration with AdWords. Google Web Designer is mainly intended to be used by advertisers, media agencies and creative agencies to design banner ads and other animations.  It uses HTML5 […]

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    You Need to Read This Before Hiring a Web Designer

    Whether it’s a complete website redesign, a few page templates, or the creation of a mobile app, it all requires the unique skill set of a designer. If your business is lucky enough to have one in-house, congratulations; if not, we have some pointers for you. Navigating your way through the process of hiring a […]

    Young Designer Wows the World of Women’s Business Attire

    Creating women’s pants probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting business venture. But professional women might also notice a lack of options when it comes to different styles and types of dress pants. Entrepreneur Eunice Cho noticed this void in the market. She wanted to find pants she could wear to interview for business school […]

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    LaCie Launches Designer USB Type-C Hard Drives at CES 2016

    If cutting edge designer hardware that is as stylish as it is useful sounds good to you, then you’ll want to see LaCie’s new Porsche Design and artist collaboration hard drives, which feature the new USB Type-C connection. LaCie is Seagate’s premium brand, and its launches are typically design focused, though you can expect to […]

    Uniqlo launches second hijab collection with UK designer

    Uniqlo is the first major high street retailer to launch a line of fashionable hijab and modest wear (Picture: Uniqlo) Uniqlo has created a second fashion range in collaboration with young UK designer Hana Tajima, which features hijab headscarves and kebaya. The line has just launched throughout the US for the first time and will hit the […]