How Ivanka Trump Makes Money by Simply Picking Out Her Clothes Each Day

    A year into Donald Trump’s presidency, the ethical challenges of having a businessman president have come into focus. But beyond trips to Mar-a-Lago and dignitaries booking Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel, photos of Ivanka Trump posted to Twitter and Instagram show the unintended consequences public servants entangled with their private businesses. That’s because most of what Ivanka Trump wears are her […]

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    Each SIP instalment is treated as a separate investment

    iStockPhoto I’m 30 and have started investing in mutual funds (MFs) last year. But I have over-invested; I am hardly left with any savings. What is the ideal ratio of income-to-MF investment? I’m married and earn Rs.60,000 per month. My monthly investments are around Rs.28,000 and expenses are around Rs.23,000. —Rajyashree Basu There is no […]