• Growing trends in gardening

    It’s only 59 days until March 20, the first day of spring. Have you examined your garden yet to begin plans for improvement? Or, have you considered how your landscape might be updated to enhance your life? If not, then let me share what I’m reading about garden trends for 2018. First, gardening is on […]

    Sponsored: Fall / Winter gardening tips for new homeowners

    In many parts of the country, the advent of fall and winter means a winding down of garden-related tasks. Protecting outdoor plants, moving pots indoors and prepping bulbs for germination is the sum of it. But in Northern California, with our year-round growing season, gardening activity can rise to a fever pitch in autumn. New […]

    ‘I just needed to feel the real world’: gardening writer Anna Pavord describes crawling onto lawn after cancer

    Anna Pavord at her home in Dorset CREDIT: CHRISTOPHER JONES FOR THE TELEGRAPH Barely out of intensive care and unable to walk after treatment for stomach cancer, Anna Pavord quite literally “crawled” on her hands and knees onto a patch of grass, desperate to reconnect with nature. The much-loved gardening writer has told how she dragged herself along a […]

    Tucson Gardening and Home Sept. 17-23

    Tucson Organic Gardeners Monthly Meeting — St. Mark’s Church, 3809 E. Second St. Have Your Best Soil Ever, an introduction to garden soil and composting. 7-9 p.m. Sept. 19. 749-9429. Ron Medvescek / Arizona Daily Star All events are free or included in the cost of admission unless otherwise noted. Tuesday Herbs — Dussenberry-River Public […]

    White House kitchen garden expansion, fall gardening seminar and landscape photography: Home and Garden News

    WHITE HOUSE KITCHEN GARDEN: As the Obama administration winds down, First Lady Michelle Obama recently unveiled numerous updates and changes to the White House Kitchen Garden that will make the garden more accessible to White House visitors. The updates, made public in a recent ceremony, include an entryway with an arbor, a wider walkway and […]