NASA Has a New Method For Cooling Down Electronics Crammed Together in a Spacecraft

    One of the most exciting things about space exploration today is the ways in which it is getting more cost-effective. Between reusable rockets, miniaturized electronics, and low-cost launch services, space is becoming more accessible and populated. However, this also presents a challenge when it comes to conventional methods for maintaining spacecraft and satellites. One of […]

    New magnet has nearly massless charge carriers

    Advances in modern electronics has demanded the requisite hardware, transistors, to be smaller in each new iteration. Recent progress in nanotechnology has reduced the size of silicon transistors down to the order of 10 nanometers. However, for such small transistors, other physical effects set in, which limit their functionality. For example, the power consumption and […]

    KFC has launched a clothing line…and it looks clucking brilliant

    KFC has launched a fashion line, so dedicated fans of the fast food chain can show their devotion by wearing items in tribute to finger lickin’ chicken. This week, KFC revealed an online shop so fans can buy everything from drumstrick-printed socks to a pillow with Colonel Sanders’ face on it. COVER IMAGES KFC enthusiasts […]

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    New LG Smartphone Added to the G3 Line Has a Stylus Pen

    LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company is getting set to introduce a new smartphone to the G3 line it introduced earlier this year. The latest advent of this series will feature a stylus pen, according to new information from the company. The announcement comes just days ahead of LG’s official unveiling of the aptly-named G3 Stylus […]

    Sneak Peek: LG V10 Phone Has “Ticker” Screen

    Smartphone manufacturers are continuously trying to differentiate themselves by introducing features they think customers will like. Taking a look back at what has been a hit and a flop shows it is not an exact science. One of the specs that is currently undergoing a lot of innovation is the screen because it plays such […]

    Uh-Oh! Apple’s New Giant iPad Has Been Delayed

    Back in August, rumors arose that Apple was set to begin production on its largest iPad ever. The company was originally expected to start manufacturing this new 12.9-inch iPad in early 2015. Then, plans were apparently bumped up with production set to start before the end of this year. Well now, it appears the company […]

    Dell Has A New Tablet, iCloud Prices Drop

    Tablet devices of every shape and size have begun to proliferate and cloud prices are dropping. It’s hard to keep track of the technology that can make your business run more efficiently. Not to worry. The Small Business Trends editorial team has your back. Here’s our Small Business Trends roundup of the latest tech and […]

    New to eCommerce? Enjoy Has Free Hand Delivery, Setup

    A lot of eCommerce sites strive for a personal experience but ENJOY is delivering on that claim … by hand. ENJOY launched earlier this year and the eCommerce site certainly has a unique take on the mobile or online shopping experience. After customers make a purchase on the site, ENJOY hand delivers the product to […]