Diamonds can be gen-next wonder material in electronics

    Can diamond, the hardest material on the Earth, be bent? The question that intrigued scientists for years, now has an answer in the affirmative thanks to nano-engineering, according to Subra Suresh, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the world’s top technologists. In one of his new cutting-edge research, Suresh […]

    Diamonds can be next wonder material in electronics

    In a series of experiments, the scientists demonstrated how synthetic diamond on a nanoscale can be bent up to a point, opening up completely new frontiers in electronics, microelectronics and nanoengineering. Representative image/Pixabay Can diamond, the hardest material on earth, be bent? The question that intrigued scientists for years, now has an answer in the […]

    Discovery to launch Home & Garden TV in Italy

    Discovery Italia will strengthens its free to air offer by adding its ninth free-to-air channel in its portfolio: HGTV – Home & Garden TV on February 2. HGTV – Home & Garden TV will replace Motor Trend on the country’s DTT network. Alessandro Araimo, CEO of Discovery Italia: “Our portfolio continues to grow as well […]

    Scientists Just Created Quantum States in Everyday Electronics

    Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionise the processing power at our fingertips, but for the moment a lot of it is just potential. Researchers have been uncertain on whether we’ll ever be able to harness quantum computing in a practical, affordable, realistic way. But we might have an exciting new lead. Two new studies show how quantum […]

    CCI approves Amazon.com’s investment in Future Coupons

    Mumbai | Kolkata: Competition Commission of India (CCI) has approved Amazon’s proposed acquisition of minority stake in Future Group, paving the way for a closer integration of one of country’s leading retail chain into the Amazon India online marketplace. Amazon and Future Group are now rolling out a joint business plan that will help the Kishore Biyani owned […]

    ‘3 lakh jobs coming to electronics-manufacturing sector in Telangana’: KT Rama Rao

    HYDERABAD:  Over three lakh jobs will be generated in the electronics-manufacturing sector in the next four years, Minister for Industries and IT&C KT Rama Rao said on Monday while inaugurating Intel India’s new design and engineering centre in Hyderabad. He added that 30,000 employment opportunities have already been generated in the electronics-manufacturing sector, and the […]

    LG Electronics India posts ₹1,534-crore profit in FY19

    Total revenues for FY19 stood at ₹15,945.20 crore Consumer durables company LG Electronics India posted a net profit of ₹1,534.50 crore in FY19, clocking 5.52 per cent growth over the previous fiscal. The company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Korean consumer durables major LG Electronics, had reported a net profit of ₹1,454.20 crore in FY18. Total […]

    NASA Has a New Method For Cooling Down Electronics Crammed Together in a Spacecraft

    One of the most exciting things about space exploration today is the ways in which it is getting more cost-effective. Between reusable rockets, miniaturized electronics, and low-cost launch services, space is becoming more accessible and populated. However, this also presents a challenge when it comes to conventional methods for maintaining spacecraft and satellites. One of […]