Why Open Floor Plan Is The Present Buzzword In Kolkata Residential Projects?

    With what exact pursuit do you search for Residential Projects In Kolkata ? To own a home where- ♦ Freedom of space will be optimum ♦ And you can strike the right work-life balance                                                                                         ? Then an apartment with open floor planning is the cue for you to pick. But, what in essence, is this concept? […]

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    11 Instagram Feed WordPress Themes to Market Your Business in 2021

    Hey IG fans, let’s together review the best Instagram feed WordPress themes, shall we? Oh wait, we did that already. (Hurray!) We have a theme for you whether you work in eCommerce, education, or media and publishing. Yup, these cater to many niches and industries. Plus, they are 100% customizable. Would you look at that! We made sure to […]

    Introduction of Educational Technology in India Education

    . Indian education system is one of the oldest education systems in the world though it is not the most technologically advanced educational system as compared to other countries but the recent boom in the technology and internet sector India has taken full advantage of this boom to introduce new technologies in their education system […]

    Instant Articles: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

    Instant Articles PublishersThe earliest partners of Instant ArticlesSome were very excited and jumped at the opportunity right away. Blazing fast loading time and immersive visual storytelling features seemed like a new, comprehensive way to engage more readers. The world’s biggest news outlets dipped their toes into IA’s functionalities right away. Some of the early results […]

    BLOG TYBCOM Computer Classes in Mumbai

    Brainpoint.net covers all college-based Syllabus T.Y.B.Com Computers new syllabus introduced by the University of Mumbai at the T.Y.B.Com Level. Our classes in mumbai at grant road cover all the important programs topics like MySQL, Excel, and Visual Basic etc. Our teaching method has made it simple and easy to understand with a practical approach. Graphic […]

    Diamonds can be gen-next wonder material in electronics

    Can diamond, the hardest material on the Earth, be bent? The question that intrigued scientists for years, now has an answer in the affirmative thanks to nano-engineering, according to Subra Suresh, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the world’s top technologists. In one of his new cutting-edge research, Suresh […]

    Diamonds can be next wonder material in electronics

    In a series of experiments, the scientists demonstrated how synthetic diamond on a nanoscale can be bent up to a point, opening up completely new frontiers in electronics, microelectronics and nanoengineering. Representative image/Pixabay Can diamond, the hardest material on earth, be bent? The question that intrigued scientists for years, now has an answer in the […]

    Discovery to launch Home & Garden TV in Italy

    Discovery Italia will strengthens its free to air offer by adding its ninth free-to-air channel in its portfolio: HGTV – Home & Garden TV on February 2. HGTV – Home & Garden TV will replace Motor Trend on the country’s DTT network. Alessandro Araimo, CEO of Discovery Italia: “Our portfolio continues to grow as well […]