IBM’s quantum computing ambitions get exponential like Moore’s Law

    Quantum computers are just weird, with data processed by qubits that can store ones and zeros at the same time. But they’re like regular “classical” computers in one obvious way: Their designers want them to run faster. Now, with machines like its Q System One, IBMhas not only proposed a convenient single number to calibrate a speedometer […]

    Computer law critics mull charter court fight

    Critics of the new Computer Crimes Act are threatening to challenge the law change in the Constitutional Court. They say the change in the law endangers their rights and freedom of expression as guaranteed by the constitution, and hopes the court will step in. Yingcheep Atchanont, a project manager at the Internet Dialogue on Law […]

    Push for US Encryption Law Falters Despite Apple Case Spotlight

    After a rampage that left 14 people dead in San Bernardino, key US lawmakers pledged to seek a law requiring technology companies to give law enforcement agencies a “back door” to encrypted communications and electronic devices, such as the iPhone used by one of the shooters.Now, only months later, much of the support is gone, […]

    UK’s Contentious Online Spying Law Passes Test in Parliament

    A proposed British law that gives police and spies unprecedented powers to look at the Internet browsing records of everyone in the country passed its first major vote in Parliament on Tuesday. The country’s interior minister, Home Secretary Theresa May, vowed its intrusive reach would be governed by “the strongest safeguards” against abuse. Opening a […]