Tiny home sales are booming, why that might not be good for business

    When it comes to the tiny home market, the question isn’t why someone would want a tiny home, but who’s going to build it. That’s according to CEO Steve Weissmann of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses who receives more than 2,000 inquiries per month about this burgeoning market. Weissmann was first introduced to tiny homes when he […]

    This New Vintage Clothing Concept Might Just Change How You Shop

    At first glance, Topper Luciani looks like the guy leading your woodland yoga retreat — with more spirit beads around his neck than a proper monk. But his actual day job is as the fashion CEO of the future, spearheading the earth-first era of fashion and flipping the vintage game on its head. Sure, selling […]

    Trump administration might extend electronics ban to UK flights: Report

    Passengers flying from the UK to the US may also be banned from bringing their laptops into aircraft cabins, it has been reported. According to the Guardian, the Trump administration is considering extending its security restrictions — which prohibits electronic devices larger than a smartphone from being taken as carry-on luggage — to US-bound flights […]

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    Want a Touchscreen on Your MacBook? AirBar Might Be the Answer

    HIGHLIGHTS AirBar can be attached to your MacBook Air It connects via the USB port Support for other MacBooks is coming soon A touchscreen on a MacBook may not be coming anytime soon but if you really wish for it, then there is an alternative for you. AirBar is a $99 (roughly Rs. 6,700) accessory […]


    12:07 PM, 1 Jan, 2017 0 The study showed that using a computer might be a positive influence as we enter our twilight years. A study released today strengthens the ever-deepening connections between maintaining a busy brain and reducing the risk of cognitive decline in later life. As we age, our brain faces an inevitable […]

  • The Next Great Business Opportunity Might Be on Mars (Watch)

    By now, you’ve likely heard that Elon Musk, CEO of rocket science company SpaceX, wants to build colonies on Mars. But what you might not know is that he wants to start those colonies by 2022. That may or may not be a realistic goal. But it’s certainly ambitious. And the company is making strides […]

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    Breathe. Steven Spielberg might not Kill Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones V

    HIGHLIGHTS i’m now not killing off Harrison (Ford) at the end of it, Spielberg stated Harrison Ford’s person changed into written off inside the pressure Awakens Steven Spielberg is ‘amazing excited’ about the fifth Indiana Jones film Oscar-triumphing director Steven Spielberg has promised that he may not kill off actor Harrison Ford’sperson in the approaching […]

    Barisieur’s coffee-brewing alarm clock might absolutely occur

    while we first noticed the Barisieur coffee-brewing alarm clock again in 2014, it changed into a petventure for designer Joshua Renouf. The plan became constantly to show it right into a system for theloads, and inside the months that have handed given that, the general layout and the tech that drives the bedside machine have […]

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    Lenovo’s new Droids might be bright and steel

    See those phones above? They might be 3 variations of the Droid Lenovo’s launching in an upcomingevent in June. Evan Blass (aka evleaks), 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 source of tool leaks, hasposted the photo on Twitter, and those seem to have anointed the black-and-bronze version because theBeyoncé of this trio. whilst the photo handiest indicates the Motorola and […]

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    How sexually transmitted diseases might have driven the evolution of monogamy

    Researchers show that an STD similar to gonorrhea could have got rid of promiscuous behavior in agricultural societies. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons | Bride and groom, 1900-1910 Exactly why so many humans choose monogamous pair bonds over juggling multiple partners has long been a mystery to scientists. After all, having several partners at the same time […]