Should I repair or replace electronics?

    When an important piece of equipment stops functioning normally, it is an annoying problem that can be potentially costly if a replacement is necessary. At the same time, nobody wants to waste time, energy, and money trying to repair electronics that are unfixable. Knowing when a repair will work or if a replacement is necessary […]

    Harmless elements can replace toxic lead in electronics

    Henrik Soensteby holds a silicon wafer covered with a thin film consisting of sodium, potassium, niobium and oxygen. The colors are caused by unintentional thickness variations. Credit: Bjarne Roesjoe/UiO Most smartphones and other electrical or electronic products contain small amounts of lead, which doesn’t sound like a big problem on its own. But when there […]

    Replace your clothing iron with this homemade wrinkle releaser

    No one likes wrinkled clothes. Even fewer like having to break out the clothes iron, wait for it to heat up and slowly press the fabric of your favorite shirt flat when you probably should have already left for work. There are a few alternative ways to fight wrinkles, though. You could buy a cheap […]

    Oculus replace stops you from using VR apps with HTC’s Vive

    HTC Vive and Oculus Rift proprietors usually have lots in common, including get admission to to among the equal apps and games. however, it looks as if a gulf is commencing up between the 2 virtual truthheadsets. Oculus has released an app update whose progressed “platform integrity tests” wreck guide for Revive, an unofficial tool […]

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    GearVR replace brintegratedgs an awful lot-wanted local viewcapture tool to built-indedintegrated phones

    here’s the component: when your eyes are synthesizbuilt-ing built-in from more than one screens right into a three-dimensional virtual space, the word “screenshot” fails to explabuiltintegrated what it isdobuilt-ing almost as badly as it fails to report what you’re experiencintegratedg. So I’m callintegratedg it viewcapture. any other, separate hassle is that VR headsets and platforms […]