Using coupons easy way to stay on budget

    Coupon clipping Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 12:00 am By Hildred Lewis | 0 comments Shopping with a limited or set budget is one of the hardest parts of changing old habits. Window shopping and walking through the supermarket, tossing items in the cart and splurging on anything that looks appealing, is easy and tempting. Is […]

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    Motivation Makes The Sale: Stay Optimistically Focused

    One of the most challenging aspects of sales is staying motivated – especially in the face of objections or rejection. A lot of salespeople engage in distraction or busy work instead of productive activities. Remaining motivated is essential to sales success. You have to keep moving forward no matter what you encounter. What Drives You? […]

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    How to Stay a Step Ahead with Great Customer Service

    How proactive is your small business’s customer service? Even if your customer service reps are ready to respond to phone calls on the first ring, know all the answers and can solve every possible problem a customer may have, they could still be doing more. “Proactive customer care” is one of the top customer service […]

    How to Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

    Do you run your business from home? These days, more and more small businesses are going virtual, and some of the most successful small businesses are run entirely from home. With online conferencing and project management tools, websites where you can outsource to workers all over the world, and most clients now recognizing that working […]

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    Apple WWDC 2016: how to Watch stay and what to expect From the Keynote

    HIGHLIGHTS WWDC 2016 live move might be available for a spread of gadgets. home windows 10 gadgets also can get right of entry to the WWDC live flow. major software changes are expected at Apple’s developers conference. Apple’s annual WWDC developers convention is about to begin in some hours. The keynote will kick off at […]