What is EaseUS Software and Why Do We Need it?

    These days, you could not find anyone that does not use the computer or stay away from using the computers. Since, the computers are becoming more important and still on the lift even after the invention of smartphones and tablets. The reason is that, computers are something that lets us do the things that easy […]

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    How we stuck a black hole emitting extreme wind

    current technological know-how is greater about staying power and endurance than about amazingepiphanies. it is consequently extremely pleasing while you make a leap forward, as it approach a whole lot of difficult work has subsequently paid off. After tracking a reasonably quiet black hollow foralmost 26 years, my colleagues and i had been pleased to […]

    “We need to consciousness at the cause of Why We Create, Who We Create For and What motive Our Product Will Serve”

    in this interview with Priya Ravindran from EFY, we’ve Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and okay Suresh Kumar, leader executive officer (CEO), Chipware technology, dropping mild on their jointassignment for supplying 3D design software, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform! DSC_0234 Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and ok Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer (CEO), Chipware technologies […]

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    He’s truly our angel: Why we shouldn’t laugh at Taher Shah

    The singer is a break from the zeitgeist of cynicism. We all need that. Image credit: via Youtube It is easy to make fun of Taher Shah. In his latest video (which, like his previous one, has gone viral in the subcontinent) he appears clad in purple robes, wearing a tiara. Standing before a tree, and […]

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    The Sri Sri syndrome: What we should not forget about so-called gurus and godmen

    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons Even as the high-decibel criticism of students from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Hyderabad University continues unabated, the riverside celebration of “Hindu-India” curated by the self-anointed Sri Sri has been forgotten. It has dissolved into the polluted air that hangs over the Yamuna. This so-called guru initially proclaimed that he would pay no […]

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    Microsoft to End PC Gaming as We Know It: Gears of War Developer

    Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a programming application for Windows 10 developers that lets them create a single version of software to run across all Windows devices including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and the Xbox One. The company is slated to unveil more UWP details at its Build event this month. However UWP has also gained […]

    10 Smartphones We Loved in 2015

    It’s hard to whittle down the hundreds of smartphones launched this year into a list of just 10 favourites. We’ve seen some phenomenal advances, not just at the top end, but in every segment of the market. Speeds and resolutions always improve, but it seemed as though manufacturers wouldn’t let even a few weeks pass […]

    What do we owe Rohith Vemula after his death?

    Photo Credit: PTI 18.3K Total Views Rohith Vemula, a 26-year-old doctoral research scholar at the Central University of Hyderabad, took his life last month by hanging himself with a political banner in a friend’s hostel room. Neither mental depression nor personal failure was the cause of the suicide. The crimes that led to his premature […]

    We were detained because we ‘looked like’ JNU students: Theatre group members picked up by police

    Photo Credit: Sangwari/Facebook 61.5K Total Views In the aftermath of protests at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University against the arrest of student union president Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of criminal conspiracy and sedition on Friday, the police swung into action again on Saturday. A day after Kumar’s arrest, seven people were reportedly detained while trying […]