Why Angels Like Software Startups

    Angel investors love software companies. Since 2002, when the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire first reported the results of its annual survey of angel investment activity, software has been the number one industry sector for angel investments in every year. And our friends in the Granite State aren’t the only […]

    10 Electronic Signature Options and Why You Should Use Them

    Electronic signatures are as valid for business contracts as signatures signed in ink on paper. That’s been the case since the year 2000, when a U.S. Federal law known as the Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce act, was enacted. According to Nolo.com, people have “several different ways to indicate their electronic signatures, including […]

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    Why must women be different?

    The overwhelming majority of start-ups that are funded have White, male founders. Just 1% are Black, 8% are female and 12% are Asian. Photo: Reuters As an economist, I was trained in the late eighties as a ‘free marketeer’—one who believes that markets are essentially ‘efficient’, that human beings behave rationally in their own self […]

    Why Are such a lot of corporations Making Cardboard Headsets in 2016?

    HIGHLIGHTS lots of companies are actually beginning to sell Google Cardboard headsets Google has already introduced the successor to Cardboard – Dayream Daydream headsets may not be on the market for any other six months The marketplace is getting saturated with Cardboard VR headsets – what should were a beachhead in themarch of digital fact […]

    “We need to consciousness at the cause of Why We Create, Who We Create For and What motive Our Product Will Serve”

    in this interview with Priya Ravindran from EFY, we’ve Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and okay Suresh Kumar, leader executive officer (CEO), Chipware technology, dropping mild on their jointassignment for supplying 3D design software, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform! DSC_0234 Manuel Rei, enterprise Director, Dassault Systemes and ok Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer (CEO), Chipware technologies […]

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    He’s truly our angel: Why we shouldn’t laugh at Taher Shah

    The singer is a break from the zeitgeist of cynicism. We all need that. Image credit: via Youtube It is easy to make fun of Taher Shah. In his latest video (which, like his previous one, has gone viral in the subcontinent) he appears clad in purple robes, wearing a tiara. Standing before a tree, and […]

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    Why Apple and Google Are Struggling to Design Simple Software

    Right now, millions of consumers are facing a simple problem. Or rather, they’re facing a problem with simplicity, as both the number of smart products and the functions of those products multiply. I was recently reminded of this when I tried to quickly snap a picture at Apple’s launch event. I tried to double-click the […]

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    Explainer: Why #PanamaPapers is just the tip of the iceberg

    Image credit: Carllos Jasso/Reuters The leak of information from the database of Mossack Fonseca, the giant law firm headquartered in Panama, is a reality check. Not because the information, which went public in India late Sunday night, exposes over 214,000 offshore companies typically used as structures to evade taxation connected to people in over 200 countries. […]