TVs are now tablet computers without a touchscreen

    A few weeks back I turned on my television to find out it had stopped receiving two of the free-to-air channels I watched most often. All of the other channels still resolved with perfect, digital clarity, so I couldn’t work out why these two channels – out of four in packaged in a multichannel broadcast […]

    Can we survive without electronics?

    We had a server crash last week and we have spent days and days and days restoring data. During that process I became very aware of the things I do every day that are just automatically attached to an electronic device. I wear a device that counts my calories in and my calories out. It […]

  • Oh, microprocessor, how can we live without thee?

    Change text size for the story Print Report an error The microprocessor is something that most of us interact with every single day and, in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated parts of tech. I usually get strange looks when I ask people if they know what a microprocessor is. Most know that a […]

    Can Fashion and Technology Coexist Without Any Stunts?

    Can Fashion and Technology Coexist Without Any Stunts? The worlds of fashion and technology are coming closer and closer together. While technology companies have paid a lot of attention to industrial design in recent times, the use of technology in fashion, and fashion in technology, is still developing. Apple tied up with Hermes, a French […]

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    Can Fashion and Era Coexist Without any Stunts?

    The worlds of style and Generation are coming closer and nearer collectively. Whilst Technologyagencies have paid loads of interest to industrial design nowadays, using Technology in Fashion, andStyle in Era, remains growing. Apple tied up with Hermes, a French luxurious residence for its ultra-modern Apple Watch and Frenchluxurious items maker Dior become taking its admirers […]

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    Explainer: Can your morning slice of toast without a doubt provide you with cancer?

    The country wide food regulator and the enterprise have been short to react to the invention of feasiblecancer–inflicting chemical substances in popular bread manufacturers in India. The food protection andrequirements Authority of India has eliminated potassium bromate from a list of permissible food additivesand is examining the evidence in opposition to potassium iodate. And before […]

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    Stand on Mars Without Leaving the Office: How Nasa Is Using Microsoft’s HoloLens

    At its global unveil, Microsoft demonstrated how the HoloLens – its augmented reality headset – could significantly improve our gaming and design experience. But, of course, the application of its well-praised HoloLens isn’t limited to just these spheres. Later in the same year, Nasa partnered with Microsoft to form a joint venture called “Sidekick” to […]

    How to Experience Virtual Reality Without an Expensive Headset

    Hollywood studios, news outlets and consumer brands are all dabbling with virtual reality. Many everyday folks will soon join them using 360-degree cameras coming soon from Samsung and LG. But headsets to view VR video can cost more than $1,000 once you include a high-end personal computer with fast-enough graphics. And while smartphone makers are […]