This Wrong Command Could Brick Your Linux Laptop

    If you have a Linux-powered computer, you would want to be extra careful when erasing your existing build from the device. Turns out, one command can end up bricking your device. The issue was first reported by a user last month on Linux Arch forum. The user noted that he executed the “rm -rf –no-preserve-root […]

    Valve Now Lets You Make Your Own Steam Controller

    Valve now allows you to make your own Steam Controller. What’s more is that the company is encouraging users to share their designs with the community. “We are releasing the mechanical CAD geometry for the Steam Controller and are eager to see the accessories and variations that come from your creativity. We are making available, […]

    This Gadget Can Turn Your Phone Into a 3D Printer

    A US-based company claims to have created a portable device that lets users create 3D prints by using the light from their smartphone screen. The gadget called OLO is designed to be simple, consisting of three plastic pieces, one chip, and one motor, all operated by four AA batteries. It measures 720x1150x1480mm and weighs 780 […]

    Start Your Business Off on the Right Foot With These 10 Tips

    Getting into a new business venture is an incredibly complicated process. So you need to start with the basics and work your way up from there. Below is a collection of some tips from members of the small business community about the basics you need to start your business off on the right foot. Learn […]

    WD PiDrive Is a 314GB Hard Drive Designed for Your Raspberry Pi

    WDLabs, a part of Western Digital (WD) Corporation, on Monday announced the availability of the WD PiDrive – a uniquely crafted storage solution design for Raspberry Pi devices – on the occasion of Pi Day. The drive is currently available in a capacity of 314GB (a play on the first few decimals in the mathematical […]

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    Soon You May Be Able to Share Your Xbox One Games Like Steam Games

    Although the Xbox One was designed as an always online console, much of these features had to be scrapped following an overwhelming surge of consumer backlash. It’s something that Microsoft hasnever quite recovered from. Nonetheless, it scrapped some of its intended functionality such as the need to be always online even when in single-player and […]

    Can your idea really become a business?

    Starting a business is very motivating yet an emotional roller-coaster ride. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint With the start-up scenario growing and becoming pervasive in India, entrepreneurs are bubbling with new ideas, believing their idea to be the next billion-dollar one. Today, it feels as though everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. This is very heartening for […]

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    Who needs your product/service or solution?

    For those of you who read “Step 1: Is your Idea a Business or a Hobby?” (http://mintne.ws/1RmBHr3) in the first article of this seven-part series, you will find this article equally relevant and useful in helping you to progress your idea to the next step. We all know the best ideas often stem from real […]