A Texas woman is putting her knack for finding deals with coupons to good use by helping Hurricane Harvey victims in need of food and basic necessities.

Kimberly Gager, who has been “couponing” for five years, has shelves of toothpaste, dishwasher detergent, shampoo, baby food and other items lining the walls of her garage, according to CBS. 

“After Harvey, I kept telling my mom, ‘There’s something more that I need to be doing. I don’t think I’m doing enough,'” Gager, who lives in San Antonio, told CBS News. “So I put it out on Facebook.”

Gager asked people to donate money to Harvey victims, and in turn, she would take the money and purchase goods with coupons.

The mother of three said the donations started pouring in, and she went straight to work finding deals and picking up goods.  On Facebook, she thanked people for donating, and said donations have poured in from people she doesn’t even know.

“I’m sitting here in amazement. WOW!! I’m just a little country girl with a loud mouth and a big heart! I had a vision and all of YOU helped make that vision a reality,” Gager said in the post.

Gager told ABC she estimates that she has helped 30 groups of people or families. She told the news outlet that she’s made home deliveries and some have come to her home to pick up necessities.

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