timber floors in home décor: fashionable and sensible


A room’s floors plays a full-size position in its usual look. home proprietors today, have a huge form ofalternatives – from Italian marble, granite and other stones, to tiles, wood floors and laminates. amongthose, wood floors can be used to make the house appear stylish and yet, heat and cosy, on the sametime.
wood flooring is to be had in different sorts, along with hardwood floors, laminated floors and woodenlooking vinyl flooring,” explains indoors dressmaker Neelanjan Gupto, of Neelanjan Gupto layoutbusiness enterprise. “Strip, plank and parquet are the usually used types of wood flooring. Hardwoodflooring is the unique product, where timber is reduce into uniform sizes, pro as in step with widespreadmethod and then joined with a tongue and groove approach. Laminates use a ornamental wood-like vinyl base film that is pasted on an MDF (medium density fibre) sheet, with a tongue and groove joint, much likehardwood floors,” Gupto elaborates.

Making the right choice

darkish shades of wooden floors are better at concealing dust and other stains and are perfect for busyareas, at the same time as lighter shades make the room appear spacious. timber floors have a certainlywarm experience, making it at ease to walk barefoot on them. Aarti Srivastava, a homemaker from Delhi,sees eye to eye. “I wanted my bedroom to have a antique look. So, I used wooden floors to feature aheat and elegant feel and a conventional four-poster mattress with canopy, to evoke the antiqueinternational allure,” she says.
domestic owners can create a lovely impact, by means of
mixing and matching darkish and light sun shades of timber, advises Nishie Gupta, a Delhi-primarily based interior dressmaker. nowadays, many customers even choose exclusive materials. for example, the whole room may also have Italian marble or granite flooring, with a small reading nook of the room intimber flooring, provides Gupta. “before putting in timber or laminate at the flooring, ensure that theplace is apparent and does now not have any seepage and dampness,” cautions the indoors dressmaker.

Hardwood versus different wood flooring

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