TZANEEN: Chaos and frustration as GTM computers seized by sheriff

Goods to the value of over R2 million were seized by the Letaba sheriff today, August 24.

Six computers, three television screens and a scanner were seized in today’s seizure. Photo: Blake Linder

Six computers (including screens, keyboards etc.), three plasma television screens, a scanner, an Isuzu bakkie and a Toyota Quantum were all seized during what was the third seizure of goods at GTM this year.

The sheriff also paid a visit to the GTM on July 12 this year.

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The Toyota Quantum which was taken in today’s seizure. Photo: Blake Linder

The Isuzu bakkie that was taken in today’s seizure. Photo: Blake Linder

Residents who were looking to settle their accounts or pay for amenities such as water and electricity were left frustrated as the municipality could not provide them with the necessary services after the computers were seized.

One of the TV screens which was taking during today’s seizure. Photo: Blake Linder

According to information obtained on the scene, this will also not be the last time goods are seized from GTM.

The list of electronic devices seized this morning. Photo: Blake Linder

The full list of goods seized by the sheriff, including the vehicles, this morning. Photo: Blake Linder

Letaba Herald has received countless calls and messages from infuriated residents who weren’t able to pay their bills or pay for their vehicle licenses due to the seizure.

“I came here to renew my vehicle license as it has expired, only to find that they cannot assist me because their devices have been seized. Now, what am I going to tell the traffic officer who pulls me over, checks my license disc and sees that my license has expired? Will our mayor be able to pay my fine?” enquired an infuriated resident to Letaba Herald.

According to other Tzaneen residents, they are aware that they can go to the Post Office for their vehicle licenses, but the printer at the Post Office has not been functioning for the past two weeks, the Herald was told.

Letaba Herald was unable to get hold of GTM spokesperson, Neville Ndlala, at the time.


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