Virtual Horse Games for Kids
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Many kids are enamored with horses. The look and feel of them sneaks its way into little hearts every day. If your child dreams of owning a horse, virtual horse games for kids may be viable alternative. Some of the interactive games for children offer realistic experiences for kids to enjoy and learn.

Online Horse Games

Finding an online gaming experience for horse lovers isn’t as hard as you might think. There are several online games that allow you to care for and even ride your stallions. Most games will require you to sign up for a free account and enter your birthday.


In this free online horse game, you’ll pick your horse through over 40 different breeds along with the color. After setting up your account and naming your horse, you can start caring for your horse, breeding and even entering competitions. Kids will also have the opportunity to manage an equestrian center. Kids that love horses will love to play and care for their virtual four-legged friends.

A Virtual Horse

In A Virtual Horse, kids will learn to care for their horse that they choose. Not only do they choose the breed, but the sex and color. After signing up, you’ll be required to feed, brush and walk your pet. The more that you care for your horse the further that you will advance. Since some of the controls are harder to use, this game might be better for kids over 8.


HorseIsle has multiple players who look for roaming wild horses. Once the player finds a horse, he can train, groom and care for the animal. This game is suitable for young children, and a parent’s guide is on the site.

Horse Apps for Kids

In addition to online games, there are different virtual horse experiences that you can download to your tablet or smartphone. These apps typically require registration, but they can be fun to play while waiting for the bus or just waiting on your friends.

Virtual Pet Horse

Available on both Android and Apple devices, the Virtual Pet Horse app allows you to customize, care for and style your own virtual horse. While having a real horse isn’t feasible for lots of kids, this virtual experience will feel like the real deal. In addition feeding and brushing this majestic beast, young horse lovers can play games, read history and even find jokes. Designed for kids 6-12, this fun, exciting game will make any little horse lover happy.

My Horse

Designed for all ages but best for those above 4, My Horse is available through the Google Play Store and iTunes. This app lets littles care for their horse and even compete in different competitions with their horse friend. Learn to ride, jump and even play together while you bond and groom your animal. There is also a social gaming aspect that will have kids meeting with like-minded horse lovers.

It Isn’t All Online

In addition to online games and apps, you can find games for PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and even your PC that will let little ones enjoy a virtual horse experience. These games must be purchased, and some can be downloaded to your console after buying. You can also choose to order a physical game as well.

My Horse & Me

Available for Wii, My Horse & Me will give kids an all-round horse experience. They will be able to care for and bond with their majestic four-legged friend as well as learn to ride and jump their virtual horse. Players can get new clothes for their horses while learning how to ride and dress them properly. This game also has mini games where kids can chase butterflies and herd chickens.

Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge

Horse racing is the name of the game in this fun console game for PlayStation. Rated for everyone, this game will allow kids to take part in competitions for jumping, dressage and cross course. With several training programs, you’ll definitely be ready when it is time to take center stage.

My Riding Stables: Life with Horses

At My Riding Stables, you’ll pick your horse, find accessories and even compete in competitions. You can even fully customize your horses through breeding in this game designed for PlayStation. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a real equestrian and pamper your pets in this fun and interactive game for all ages.

Getting the Real Experience

Owning a horse isn’t a possibility for most parents due to cost and maintenance of these creatures. However, you can give your child a real experience in horse care, riding, competing and more through virtual online and console games. Not only will your kids learn responsibility and patience, but they will have fun too.


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