WaterO brings reverse osmosis drinking water to the kitchen desk

A month earlier than Disrupt, Yu Zhou despatched us an email titled, “We want to assist solve the Flint water hassle.” WaterO’s CEO wasn’t claiming to have the catchall approach to the lead trouble plaguing the Michigan metropolis, however his company become in a completely unique role to assist.

when you consider that then, the los angelesbased totally startup introduced it has teamed up with the charity WATERisLIFE to ship five,000 of the organisation’s water filtration structures to help give Flintresidents get admission to to smooth drinking water.

The WaterO is a tabletop device more or less the size of a bread maker that makes use of reverseosmosis, a better and more exacting era than the carbon filters determined on your ordinary, run-of-the-mill pitchers from the likes of Brita or PUR.


The machine uses strain to push water thru a membrane, leaving debris large than H2O behind within the manner. It’s powerful in disposing of heavy metals like lead and mercury, along with chlorine andbacteria.

It’s a method that has existed for a while, however WaterO has applied it to a self-contained machine with a small footprint, whilst coping with to boom its efficiency. earlier than the water reaches the fourth filter, it enters a recycling mode, helping reduce the water waste. in the organisation’s technique, eightypercentage of the water is made drinkable. The relaxation stays at the back of in a tumbler that may beused to, say, water the plants.

The system became 5 years in the making. Zhou says it took place, in element, because of his very ownhydration habits. “I drink quite a few water,” he explained in an interview in advance of Disrupt. “I don’t drink it from the faucet, due to the fact I don’t just like the odor. i bought numerous bottled water from the grocery save. It’s worrying due to the fact I need to head every 3 days to get greater water. I did someresearch into putting in a opposite osmosis system, however I couldn’t do it in my rented apartment.”
The enterprise took to Indiegogo to assist fund the assignment and gauge customer hobby, ultimatelyselling among three hundred to 400 gadgets within the method. those are set to start shipping nextmonth, at which point the WaterO system may also open up for online retail at $300 apiece.

The consumer fills up a glass from the faucet and locations it within the gadget. The gadget goes topaintings walking it via 4 separate filters, a method that takes around 10 or so mins. once completed, ascreen displays the beginning TDS (general Dissolved Solids), a dimension of non-H2O particlesdissolved inside the water, observed through the publish-filtration numbers.

The big apple metropolis faucet water we used registered around 180 — drinkable, however no longerawesome. by the point the device was accomplished with it, we have been at a much greater suitedfive. The employer also added a jug of lead-contaminated water from Flint (at the side of every otherstuffed complete of salt water) to these days’s Disrupt presentation. The device was able to lessen the tainted water from 147 TDS all the way down to five, which our guinea pigs judges then proceeded toflavor.

and like me, they agreed the water tasted pretty accurate.

The TDS, it have to be mentioned, is surely the quantity of non-water particles. it may be dust or it canbe some thing some distance greater harmful like lead. Zhou says the organization is hoping to broadena more precise dimension.


The device is, clearly, linked to an app that still shows this records, in conjunction with the health of thefour filters in the rear and maintains track of the amount of water the person has consumed in an afternoon. greater compelling to Zhou however, is a function that measures water high-quality acrossexclusive machines inside the same location, monitoring typical best for neighborhoods.

“We need to construct a healthful drinking network with the app,” he explains. “consider if you have thismachine in 10 different homes inside the equal place. you could recognize the TDS in the place. If itgoes up too high, you may sound the emergency alarm.”

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